July 28, 2021

The Wolves of 'Boom!': "We have never considered leaving" | TV

The Wolves of 'Boom!': "We have never considered leaving" | TV

José Pinto, Valentín Ferrero, Manuel Zapata and Erundino Alonso carry 326 programs in Boom! -From Monday to Friday at 20.00 on Antena 3-. A feat that has already made the team has been recognized with the Guinness record to the contestants with more consecutive victories in a television contest.

It has been almost a year and a half since May 3, 2017, these former contestants To know and to win will record their first participation in Boom! On May 16 of that same year the spectators saw them in action for the first time. As José Pinto recalls, when they were already clear that they were going to present themselves, they decided to wait until they left the program Las Extremis, a group that also came from the La 2 contest, which remained with 116 programs until they left voluntarily. "We did not want to interfere in their step, at the time they had to leave for work reasons, it was when we called to participate, at the end of March of last year."

A special program celebrates Wednesday the achievement of the set, which takes 1,661,000 euros accumulated while the boat of the program, which still resists, reaches 3,240,000 euros. With his continued presence, Boom! sum this season an average of 1,814,000 viewers, which places him as the most currently viewed contest.

"At no time did I imagine that we were going to be so long, who can foresee something like that?" Says Valentin Ferrero, the group's promoter. When he started in the program he was an associate professor of Fine Arts at the Miguel Hernández University in Elche, work that he left before the bad conditions and future prospects, going on to dedicate himself fully to the contest. "I take it almost as a job, it's my occupation now," he says.

"A crazy thing like this nobody thinks about it, when we started, it was a little bit to see if we won the first, to see what happens, then program the program, and we won, winning, but I do not think any of the four of us thought we were going to reach this extreme, "says Manuel Zapata.

Both are now unemployed (although Zapata collaborates with film critics), while José Pinto, cattle rancher, and Erundino Alonso, forest engineer who works in the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha, have to reconcile their work with recordings. "For me it's complicated," Erundino tells EL PAÍS. "At work I have my vacations days, of my own affairs, and I make fire guards that allow me to relocate the hours during the year, I have asked for a license … But they are not giving me anything, in fact, I could be happier in that sense, it's being complicated. " For his part, José Pinto needs a trip of more than eight hours from his home in Casillas de Flores (Salamanca) to Barcelona, ​​where they record two days a week four programs each day. "Between travel and recording days I do 40 hours, that is, the weekly workday, and when I arrive to my town I keep working because I have to take care of the cows, leave the work done … It's a bit of beating and fatigue, but the illusion of the program makes up for everything. "

The Wolves of 'Boom!': "We have never considered leaving"

Despite having been in the program for almost a year and a half and having already earned more than 1.6 million euros, Los Lobos still had not received any of the accumulated funds. Given this situation, the program decided to deliver approximately half of that money. "The truth is that from time to time I asked Manu and Valentín if they needed funds, because I suppose if we asked for an advance, they would not have denied it, but it was not necessary and the program went ahead," says José. "They will have thought that we have been there for so long without having received money, that it is fair that they give us something already, after all, it is a job that we do, and who is working for the last few years without being paid?"

"I had a little money saved, and then we got a little bit of a special that came with The Rockcampers[teamof[equipodeBoom! that, with a boat of 2,300,000 euros, won the greatest prize in the history of television in Spain]", says Valentín, meanwhile, Manuel has been pulling with" a mattress he had ", in addition to the criticism he writes and some help from his parents, even so, the money they definitely earn in the program will have to be divided between the four and subtract the remaining part of the Treasury: around 20% at the time of payment and, in the declaration of Income, depending on each Autonomous Community, between 43% and slightly more than 50%.

What do Los Lobos have to do for so long in the program? "I think that the best thing we have as a team is that we all bring serenity and we want the thing to work, we have achieved a very tolerant, stable team with very clear ideas of our objectives, the success is in how well we manage our relationship "says Valentin. Erundino abounds in that idea: "four different personalities together for so long, they can get along well because if not, we are condemned to misfortune." And in terms of knowledge, we are very compensated, none have very obvious weaknesses, all more or less we are good in general. "

To remain so long in a contest and having to combine it with work and with family life is not easy. The Extremis know it: they left after 116 programs because of their work commitments. Los Lobos say they have not considered voluntary abandonment. "No, never, no matter how tired I may be, it never crossed my mind", says Manuel Zapata. "I would not leave the program for work, in my case, I could leave work temporarily, and if they still do not have any facilities, what I would do is ask for a longer license, but leaving the program I did not ask," says Erundino. "If I were alone, maybe I would have considered it, it's too much effort and a lot of fatigue," says José Pinto. "But how can I leave my teammates hanging?" It is impossible, I think we will continue until a team wins or we manage to take the boat, leaving it for us, we have discarded it, except for reasons of force majeure we will continue fighting for the boat until we get take it, "he finishes.


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