the winners who get depressed

the winners who get depressed

The Spaniards who have bought a tenth to participate in the Christmas raffle that takes place tomorrow, December 22, are already dreaming of what they could do if they have the tenth prize winner in their hands. Everyone who knows the phrase "money does not give happiness, but helps" crosses fingers. Few think that suddenly having a stroke of luck can harm in some way. However, this is confirmed by experts who warn that receiving a large sum of money can "dislodge the person in such a way that he can not redo his daily life". According to the professor of Arts and Humanities Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) Francesc Núñez in certain cases «can end in depression or suicide ».

Receiving so much money can lead people to make investments or start a business without prior knowledge, explains Mireia Cabero, professor of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the UOC. "If a person has lived in an environment where there was no money, when the Lottery touches him he will spend it because he is not used to having it," says the teacher.

The UOC study refers to an investigation by the psychologist Philip Brickman, a year later, a group of winners of a lottery was no happier than another group of people who had not been lucky. "In the end, many winners end up losing everything because they do not have the personal or social capital to move around in the world where money has placed them," concludes Núñez. Many prize-winners may also feel harassed by family and friends who seek to be "left" with money.


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