The wind causes a cable to break and causes a fire in Guarrate (Zamora)

The wind causes a cable to break and causes a fire in Guarrate (Zamora)

The gusts of wind left by the tropical cyclone Leslie have caused this break the breakdown of an electric cable, which has caused a fire in the gutter of a county road at the height of the municipality of Guarrate, in the province of Zamora.

That fire that was declared about four o'clock in the morning and provoked the intervention of the Toro Firefighters has been the most outstanding incident of this dawn in which they have had to intervene the firemen of the province, they have indicated to Efe sources of the Consortium of Fire Extinguishment of Zamora.

The same sources have explained that where the storm has been most noticeable has been in the region of La Guareña, in the southeast of the province, which has made the Toro firefighters had to make several exits.

However, throughout the morning and until 9:30 am today, the fire stations of Bermillo de Sayago, Rionegro del Puente and Aliste have not registered any incidence.

In Fuentesaúco, the municipality in which the greatest wind streak of Hurricane Leslie has been recorded at its entrance to peninsular Spain, which has already become a tropical storm, adverse weather has not caused major damage either.

The mayor of this town, Gaspar Corrales, explained to Efe that the wind, of which gusts of up to 96 kilometers an hour have been recorded, has caused the fall of containers but there have been no major incidents.

He added that although there is wind and the weather is unpleasant this morning, people have made normal life in this municipality of La Guareña of about fifteen hundred inhabitants.


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