The Winamp media player announces his return for 2019 – La Provincia

El reproductor multimedia Winamp anuncia su regreso para 2019

The Winamp media player will come back in 2019 with aredesign of the desktop application and a new application for mobile devices, as confirmed by the CEO of Radionomy, current owner of Winamp.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO of Radionomy, has confirmed that there will be a new version next year, which will mean "a more complete listening experience"

Winamp is, at present, property of Radionomy, company that acquired it in 2014, but before it had belonged to America OnLine (AOL). This player had a version for Android devices already in 2010, which would be available for iOS a year later, and a website that was activated in 2013, shortly before the reproduction service began its decline.

With the new version of Winamp "you can listen to the MP3 music you have at home, but also in the cloud, podcasts, broadcasts of radio stations, the playlist that you may have created," said Saboundjian.

The return of this player isbacked by a "strong and important community" of users, as the CEO of Radionomy has referred. "Winamp users are really everywhere, they are a large number."

Last month, computer version 5.8 was leaked, updating the service with respect to version 5.666. The official version, as indicated in the aforementioned media, will be available this week, although the redesign of the service will arrive in 2019, with version 6.


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