August 11, 2020

The 'Wild Card' Grancanaria Ana Lantigua dates back to Dia Evtimova – La Provincia

Today the main picture of the ITF World Tennis Tour Disa 2019 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was completed and the first meetings with which the young promises of women's tennis, which are currently competing on the tracks of the Open Club Gran Canaria nosolotenis, have already begun, They fight for the title. This second tournament, which will be held until August 18, offers live entertainment and sport for tennis fans at the club's facilities in Tamaraceite, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Today ended the qualifying phase in which 32 players have disputed the eight places available for the final draw. The Spanish were made with them Yvonne Cavalle-Reimers, Lucía Cortez and María Gutiérrez. Next to them, the German Sara-Rebecca Sekulic, the Italian Camilla Rosatello, the Russian Olga Doroshina, the Australian Alexandra Bozovic and the Swedish Fanny Ostlun.

The first victory of the day came from the racket of Yvonne Cavalle-Reimers, far superior to his opponent, the Serbian Bojana Marinkovic. The Mallorcan won by a forceful 6/1 6/2. Also the Italian Camilla Rosatello left practically without options to the Russian Zoe Kruger for a double 6/1, in just one hour of game. Much more complicated was the German Sara-Rebecca Sekulic, who needed to reach the tie break to impose on the American Ashley Lahey, faithful to her aggressive and versatile style. Final result, 1/6 6/4 10/3. The Chinese Shuo Feng also said goodbye to the competition by singles after being defeated by Russian Olga Doroshina by 6/0 6/2.

Brilliant paper that of Lucia Cortez in his encounter in front of the Murcia Alba Carrillo, who was worth the pass to the main draw by 6/2 6/0. However, the Mexican Victoria Rodriguez, defeated by two sets to zero by Madrid's Maria Gutierrez, and the Slovak Tereza Mihalikova, who also lost by two sets to zero against the Swedish Fanny Ostlun, remained at the gates. Although if a game started expectation and curiosity in the stands of the Open Club Gran Canaria during the morning it was undoubtedly the one played between the Australian Alexandra Bozovic and the junior player Oksana Selekhmeteva, only 16 years old. It was finally the Australian who was declared the winner for two tie breaks in which the young Russian promise settled in Spain made it clear that her steps will have to be followed closely.

Start the main draw

During the afternoon the Aragonese Irene Burillo was much superior, who barely left options for the young Catalan Julia Payola. Burillo, number 400 in the WTA ranking, took the victory in this first match by 6/0 6/3. Who did not have it easy was the Paula Arias Manjón, who lost 6/3 6/2 against the Russian Daria Mishina, demonstrating, of course, level and courage. Although the surprise of the day was the Canary Ana Lantigua, which reached the main draw with a Wild Card of the organization. The young Grancanaria starred in a very disputed match against Bulgarian Dia Evtimova. Although the veteran player from Hascovo scored the first set by 2/6, the young island promise was incontestable in the next two, which she won by 6/0 6/3.

Also during the day today the doubles matches of ITF Disa Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2019 have begun. The first of them, a duel of Spanish: the Canaries Marta García Reboredo and Andrea Sauco were measured before Yvonne Cavalle-Reimers and Lucia Cortez Triumph for the latter by 6/0 6/1.


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