The wild boars return to Congress and Sánchez goes hunting with water pistols

The parliamentary group of the Popular Party had the body wanting to revel. As in the old hyperactive and overexcited days of Pablo Casado, his deputies entered the control session so hot that they began to applaud before Cuca Gamarra had time to finish her question to Pedro Sánchez. They came with the engine running full throttle and steam coming out of their nostrils, and not just the group that years ago had been called the Boars of the House. It's enough to talk about European funds, the war in Ukraine and other similar trifles. What puts them to a hundred is everything that has to do with those hateful Catalans and the felon Sánchez. Give me more blood, Cuca, we'll eat them today.

Meanwhile, the party leader I was in Galicia, because Alberto Núñez Feijóo is taking it very calmly about coming to Madrid. This week he has the investiture of his successor in the Xunta and he did not plan to return to the capital. He was going to be another week with the leader of the opposition letting time pass, because he believes that time benefits him. But this Wednesday he played combat zafarrancho.

Casado would have given three interviews by mid-morning, two canutazos and a video on Twitter hyperventilating like crazy. Feijóo made a concession to the fans with a half-hour press conference in Santiago, which should not be missed either.

The acting president of Galicia is convinced that it will be the economy that will give him victory in the elections and that he only has to repeat the Rajoy method of 2011. It is not that his party has not bought that idea, but the goat of the seat pulls to the mount.

Sánchez had to give some explanation about the dismissal of the director of the CNI, since the Minister of Defense had preferred not to do so the previous day. Margarita Robles' concealment exercise was so evident that it seemed that the replacement was produced by pure inertia. The president said at least in plenary that "it is clear that there has been a failure in the security of the communications of the Government of Spain" due to the spying on his phone and that of two other ministers. But he didn't say much more. His government made the decision to announce this infiltration without going into details about the origin and identity of the attackers.

Nor is it that he has said anything special in public about espionage to Catalan pro-independence politicians. That is an immense flank for which the criticism of ERC and Junts, and also those of the PP, have fit. "The government did know, because it had to know," said Gamarra in Congress. It is a deduction and not without logic. The CNI works for the Government, which is the one that approves the directive on secret service missions and the one that receives the reports obtained from that activity.

Faced with the combined attack of the three right-wingers, Sánchez and Minister Félix Bolaños responded with water pistols. The president resorted to recalling the corruption scandals of the PP –"the situation is not perfect but at least the crooks are not in power"–, and the illegal operations of the Ministry of the Interior to protect the Rajoy government for which prosecuted Jorge Fernández Díaz.

All of this may be true, including the "vigilante structure" created by corrupt commissioners without any judicial control. However, on Wednesday they were talking about intelligence services and that was what the government could give answers about. It was not enough to remember the hard drives broken by hammer blows.

Margarita Robles went another way. She is so grown up that she transmuted into Colonel Nathan Jessup from the movie 'A Few Good Men'. Praising the members of the CNI in the response to Gabriel Rufián, the minister said that they do their job "so that you and I can have freedoms that would not exist without them." The reactionary platoon of soldiers from Oswald Spengler that will be the last defense of western civilization. A curious ideological background of such a progressive government.

He sounded a lot like Jack Nicholson, albeit with less genius, when he said in the movie: "I have neither the time nor the slightest desire to explain myself to a man who gets up and lies down under the blanket of freedom that I provide and then questions the way I provide it.

Rufián could have told Robles what he could do with his blanket of freedom. He preferred to leave it in a few words: "If the freedoms are given to us by the CNI, we are in a bad way."

Amid so much noise, Feijóo was with his things, killing time in Santiago, until he had to give the press conference. It was time to put on a sad face at the "discredit of the institutions" and launch some falsehood, such as stating that with the presence of independentistas in the official secrets commission "a parliamentary consensus of more than forty years is being broken" (ERC and PDeCAT were in it between 2017 and 2019).

The PP leader also had a list of pending issues to be clarified by the Government. "We still don't know who has been investigated and why. We still don't know if the president was aware of what the CNI is doing," he said. Regarding the first question, I am sure that Esquerra and Junts are very interested in accessing that same information. A part of it –we must suspect that it was not very large– was revealed at the meeting of the official secrets commission attended by Cuca Gamarra.

It could very well happen that if the government pleased Feijóo and started to go off and tell everything, the PP would be scandalized for considering it a violation of the law with the intention of pleasing the independentistas and harming the work of the intelligence services.

That is not going to happen. Moncloa will continue to defend itself with non-lethal ammunition in the CNI affair, hiding more than he tells and unable to please either the opposition or its allies. The typical situation in which it is not convenient for him to find himself just over a month before the Andalusian elections. But how to say the opposite if the spies, in line with Robles' philosophy, have granted us the freedoms and the blankets with which we cover ourselves in winter.

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