September 27, 2020

The wife of Kobe Bryant, shattered: “You can’t finish a sentence without crying”

Vanessa, Kobe Bryant’s widow is shattered: “You can’t even finish a sentence without crying and you can barely keep your composure,” a family friend tells People magazine. He is very accompanied, trying to make his three children suffer as little as possible the tragedy they are living: “He is relying on his faith and has a good circle of support,” say his friends.

While the signs of respect continue to manifest throughout the league, and the NBA day on Tuesday was no exception and among all expressions of respect and memories, the tears of his former teammate, the former Shaquille O’Neal, with whom he got Three league titles in the Lakers, he was the one who got the most attention on television and social networks.

O’Neal, last night, from the Staples Center, tearfully admitted that he could never have imagined something like Bryant’s death, while remembering his former teammate as a great player, with whom he finally overcame his differences and They exchanged text messages.

O’Neal’s comments came at the beginning of the program prior to what would have been the second game of the day broadcast by the TNT television network, which should have been the Lakers against Los Angeles Clippers.

But the NBA, in accordance with the Clippers, accepted the Lakers’ request that it be postponed and subsequently rescheduled.

O’Neal, who before the Bryant tragedy had also lost a sister, acknowledged he was too devastated by everything that happened and considered that the information about the death of the “Black Mamba” was initially something that was not “could” be real.

O’Neal was working with family members when he received the news and hoped it wasn’t true.

“I was thinking the other day that I had never seen anything like that. All the basketball idols that were my reference as I grew up, I see them, even if they are older,” said O’Neal, who also acknowledged that they had very different personalities.

That reality caused them to face openly in the end, and the Lakers had to decide who to stay with Bryant, in addition to preventing O’Neal from leaving with his neighboring Los Angeles Clippers rivals.

O’Neal in the end ended with the Miami Heat who helped him get a league title, while Bryant, with the arrival of the Spanish power forward Marc Gasol achieved two more as a unique figure of the Lakers.

They eventually fixed their relationship and O’Neal said they sent text messages frequently, although he also admitted that he hadn’t really seen Bryant since the last day of his career in 2016.

O’Neal said he told Bryant to score 50 points and the “Black Mamba” responded with 60 points against the Utah Jazz.

But now, O’Neal is already aware that he will not be able to make more jokes about the titles won, nor that they question whether they had been able to reach ten.


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