August 12, 2020

The wife of her son-in-law's killer speaks: "Surely I lost my mind" – La Provincia

Luis Salazar's wife and mother-in-law gave this afternoon a statement at the Mieres Police Station. Margarita Cordero, wife of the alleged murderer, acknowledged that the family is in a state of "shock." He said that J. A. F. R. has never been a violent person: "He surely lost his mind in the middle of an argument."

Margarita Cordero says she feels bewildered by what happened. Argues that they kept "a good relationship" with her daughter’s husband. "When there is a separation differences arise, but nothing more." While taking care of her grandson at the door of the police station and waiting for her daughter to conclude her statement, she said she did not know the reasons that led her husband to brutally end his son-in-law's life: "We have no idea what could happen or what my husband was thinking to act like this. " And he added: "My daughter, all in general, we are fatal and now we have to move on. My husband has given himself up and assumed what he has done. The rest is not to blame.". Lamb insisted that the relations were good and that even last Monday, the day before the crime, victim and aggressor had been talking "cordially."

He also pointed out that the couple separated had reached a friendly agreement on "custody and visitation rights of their child"

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