March 9, 2021

the whole truth about the most sadistic crime

We distrust when a book (and not to say a person and not to mention a politician) promises us the truth, then it is normal to raise the eyebrows when two books with divergent theories announce that they have it on a case as amazing as the crimes of the Family Manson But, on the 50th anniversary of the killings that claimed the lives of at least eight wildly murdered people, two volumes have just been published that peek into the mind of a criminal who fascinated the world. The first is the "official version" of the investigation, but without a doubt the best source: "Helter Skelter" (Contra) includes 800 addictive pages with the account of the prosecutor who imprisoned Manson and achieved the death penalty for his henchmen, Vincent Bugliosi The second, «Manson. The true story ”(Roca) is the work of Tom O’Neill, a journalist who, after 20 years obsessed with the facts, has tried to shape the“ conspiracy theory ”of the case. But there is more. Tarantino has set his film "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood" in the fateful year 69 and the new season of "Mindhunter", a series produced by Charlize Theron and directed by David Fincher, takes Manson as "leit motiv". All with an impossible desire in 2019 but damn entertaining: knowing the truth of the Manson case.

Police disability

If the truth is unbeatable, we can remember, at least, the facts. The first is the weakness of the investigation: all the convictions were circumstantial or testimonial, but almost no material. The Los Angeles Police (LAPD) fails resoundingly in tracking the scene and the suspects. A lazy and incompetent department that, on the other hand, also has no choice because the two massacres (that of Sharon Tate and four other people and the second, the LaBianca marriage) leave a capital carnage and physical evidence. Bodies stitched with stabs, letters painted with blood on the walls, shots and hangings … and nothing. That's where the addictive component of the classic volume resides, in how the pieces are assembled to build an accusation. The facts unfold as a police, judicial, philosophical plot, like a real "thriller" in full order.

In this story everyone lies about their age and their last names, everyone has a nickname or two and serious memory and mood problems. They do not remember when asked, they laugh out loud and in disarray and hold delusional theories with poise. Most of those involved have a flat encephalogram and it is their stupidity that condemns them. The case begins to be constructed by complete chance. Susan Atkins, imprisoned in jail for another murder, confesses to an inmate that she participated in the killing of Tate. Thus they discover the ranch where Manson and his people hide, where they keep the loot of their robberies and carry out their orgies. When the agents arrive, they encounter 20-year-old half-naked "hippies" who live in what has been the decoration of several Westerns, canteen included. The owner, half blind, shelters them because one of the girls becomes his concubine. They find an old woman curled up inside the doghouse and two babies with sunburn. In the van that takes them in detention, every word of Manson is answered by an "amen" from the rest. He was signed by the LAPD as «Manson, Charles; aka Jesus Christ, God ».

Bugliosi begins to delve into the stories of a lunatic and criminal harem, to break through in a tangle of hallucinations. The story of Manson's mental power has been told many times but it still seems unlikely. How is it possible for a man to get four people to kill innocent – among them, a pregnant woman – for him? It is inconceivable. However, the book builds Manson's fascinating psychology, abandoned by his mother, a fact that fueled his misogyny and racism to total sociopathy. His first arrest, for armed robbery, occurred with 13 years. Until thirty he will only know the correctional facility or the prison, where he enters it seems, almost on purpose. Manson does not know how to live outside an institution and develops an incredible capacity for survival in hostile environments, a mental resilience that contrasts with his short stature, around sixty meters. In prison you will learn some of Eastern philosophy, of Scientology, something of the Bible and prison wisdom. He will beg to not be released. He will also make contacts that will allow him to become, in the few moments of freedom, a pimp. Recruit cheated girls, never violently. For a decade he perfects all the talents of a perverse controlling mind, with a capacity to obtain information and read inside the strangers that only the trileros and tahúres have. His skills as a trickster, his spiritual chatter, will be completed with the arrival of the LSD.

Kill Tom Jones and Sinatra

Manson was a musician with a pimp soul or maybe better the other way around. His musical dreams were thwarted by Terry Melcher, an important producer and son of Doris Day whom he meets through Brian Wilson (drummer of the Beach Boys), whose mansion invades the newly formed Manson Family. Wilson will spend $ 100,000 to feed, dress and cure gonorrhea to these hippies before throwing them out of their home. The house where Sharon Tate died was that of Melcher, who rejected Manson's songs, but the choice of stage was not a mistake. Manson already knew that the music producer, the "pig" twice, as a member of the social and cultural establishment, did not live there.

He despised blacks, but he thought the time had come for his revolution, the Helter Skelter. What was your plan with the murders? Sow panic, favor white repression and the ensuing revolt of African Americans, while he and his family took refuge in a bunker in the Death Valley desert and reproduced to 144,000 people. That figure is obtained from the 12 tribes of Israel, as they are mentioned in Revelation 7, each one intergrated by 12,000 individuals. To do this, Manson and his troop were already looking for a "pit of the abyss" in the desert that would lead them to an underground paradise where they could hide until the Helter Skelter passed. An absolute delirium.

This leads us to Manson's greatest inspiration, The Beatles. His "White Album" appeared a year earlier and obsessed him. It included "Helter Skelter", angular piece of his hallucinated cosmogony. Almost all the 30 songs on the album were full of hidden messages that resonated in his head. "Rocky Racoon" spoke of the "coon" (blacks) and "Sexy Sadie" contained proof that he and Liverpool spoke the same language, for he had renamed Susan Atkins (such was his power) as Sadie Mae Glutz . "Blackbird" speaks of a bird with broken wings that tries to fly at night. Manson interpreted it as the black uprising. Therefore, the word "rise" appeared painted with blood at the scene of the crimes. Another term was "pigs" (pigs), with which he assimilated the ruling class and also had his song, "Piggies," in which The Beatles describe pigs leading human lives. The lyrics say they go out to dinner and grab their knives and forks to eat bacon. Let's go to the scene of the LaBianca crime: Leno was found with twelve stabs, and seven piercings with a fork, which was sunk in his stomach. A meat knife appeared in his neck. On the wall they wrote with their blood «Death to the pigs».

I also listened to two other songs a lot: in «Revolution 1» there is a curious detail: the accredited lyrics say: «You say you want a revolution / well, look / we all want to change the world (…) / if you talk about destruction / ya You know you can rule me out. However, in the sung letter, a voice in the background says otherwise. "Revolution 9" includes sounds of submachine guns and people shouting and hinting, in Manson's twisted psyche, to Revelation 9. For these folly, Manson interpreted that the Beatles were telling him it was time to carry out his messianic plan. The Liverpool were the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The book gives an account of the trial and its curse: two defense lawyers appeared dead in strange circumstances. The rest were ruined. The jurors, who remained in isolation for the record time of 228 days, received psychological assistance. It also leaves one final detail: the Family's plans to kill Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton with an incandescent knife that they would use to extract their eyes. Tom Jones would be forced to have sex and his throat would be sliced ​​at the time of orgasm. Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra would be next. A voice had told him, that of Charles Manson.

The FBI, how not

As in any history worth showing in the US, it is mandatory that the FBI appears. He does it in the story of Tom O'Neill, who has occupied 20 years of research, and suggests that Manson was part of the secret program of the MKULTRA, oriented to mind control to train murderers using LSD, which, it was thought, allowed Increase mental abilities. Summing up a book that took him 20 years of fruitless investigation, Manson would have enjoyed the police's blind eye until, considering it dangerous and unstable, the conspiracy would have carried his owl. It should be remembered that Manson did not actually kill anyone.

Hitler and mind control

Manson sympathized with Hitler and with Jesus Christ. He claimed to have lived almost two thousand years ago and to have died on the cross. It had an illumination of LSD and from that moment the name was changed. He became Charles Willis Manson, who, pronounced very slowly, becomes Charles' Will Is Man's Son, that is, his will was that of the Son of Man, a self-proclamation as envoy of Christ. The Family were the Cristinaos and the "establishment", the Romans. On his mind control tactics, a witness says: “If she was a little graceful girl, I told her she was beautiful. He controlled her with sex. If he had a fixation with his father, he took that place. If she was lost, he was the leader. He had talent to detect and take advantage of people's complexes or desires. And when that wasn't enough, he used fear. He said that fear allows you to live in the now, and that the more you have, the more conscientious you are. That is why death was beautiful, because it was the first cause of fear. I wanted to infuse it to the whole society. ”

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