The White House warns of the "return" of socialism to the political debate in the United States.

The White House warns of the "return" of socialism to the political debate in the United States.

The White House warned today that "socialism is living a return to the American political discourse", criticizing its economic effects, two weeks before the legislative elections in November.

"Coinciding with the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, socialism is experiencing a return to American political discourse, detailed political proposals of self-styled socialists are gaining support in Congress and much of the electorate," the White House said in a report. .

The document, prepared by the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA, in its acronym in English) of the US Government, is entitled "Opportunity costs of socialism."

Among the proposals analyzed is the universal public health, which, although it is far from being part of the debate of public opinion, has begun to gain support after the impulse given by progressives such as Senator Bernie Sanders, exaspirant to the Democratic nomination in the Presidential elections of 2016.

"Initiatives such as universal public health are very much in line with the approaches of socialism," CEA director Kevin Hassett said in a telephone press conference.

If public health had to be financed through higher taxes, explained Hassett, it would cause "a fall in GDP of 9%."

The document is unusual, since the work of the CEA is to offer an academic and non-partisan point of view.

Hasset linked politicians from the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party, such as Sanders or Senator Elizabeth Warren, who advocate rather a social-democratic model within a market economy, with icons of socialist historical thought such as Vladimir Lenin or Karl Marx.

In contrast, the report argues that there is evidence of "a strong relationship between greater economic freedom and better economic performance."

In the last weeks and in several electoral acts before the mid-term legislative elections on November 6, the US president, Donald Trump, has warned that if Democratic candidates like the candidates for governor of Florida, Andrew Gillum, or senator win by Texas, Beto O'Rourke, there is a risk that the country will become Venezuela.

"The Democrats want to massively raise your taxes, impose socialism on our country, we will be another Venezuela," Trump said at a rally in Nevada last weekend.


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