The White House lashes out against judge who blocked his policy on asylum and Mexico

The White House lashes out against judge who blocked his policy on asylum and Mexico

The White House lashed out on Tuesday against the federal judge who yesterday blocked the US policy of sending Mexico to wait for undocumented immigrants seeking asylum in the US, and warned that it will do "whatever it takes to keep the Americans. "

"A progressive judge and activist in San Francisco has decided that the United States and Mexico can not work together to address asylum issues on the border," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders wrote on her Twitter account.

"It's sad that, right now, Mexico is doing more to keep our border secure than the Democrats, President (Donald) Trump will do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe," Sanders added, without giving details.

The Trump government has not confirmed for now whether it plans to appeal the decision of federal judge Richard Seeborg, of the Northern District of California, based in San Francisco.

The preliminary order of Seeborg will go into effect next Friday, at which point the US Administration "will not be able to implement or expand the program" of sending asylum seekers to Mexico.

Under US law, undocumented immigrants who enter the country and claim asylum are entitled to a hearing in an immigration court, provided they pass a first interview in which an official evaluates whether they have a "credible fear" of persecution in its place of origin.

In response to Trump's accusations that this legislation makes it difficult for deportation of undocumented immigrants, his government began applying in January a program entitled "Protocol for the Protection of Migrants," which requires immigrants to wait in Mexico for processing. your asylum request in the US

Since that policy began to be applied, some 400 people have been sent to Mexico pending the resolution of their cases, according to figures from the US Department of Homeland Security, which is responsible for its implementation.

Trump has hardened his rhetoric against US asylum laws in recent days. to the point of asking Congress to "eliminate" the entire system.

Last Friday, during a visit to the border, he came to the point of asking border agents to deny entry to asylum seekers because the US "It's full," and hinted that Mexico should deport those undocumented immigrants who reach the common border to seek refuge in US territory.

California federal justice, more progressive tendency than most courts in the rest of the country, has become a favorite for activists at the time of filing lawsuits against the Trump government, especially in immigration matters, in which the Administration He has already suffered several setbacks.


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