July 9, 2020

The Welsh national team ban on Gareth Bale

The Welsh national team has decided to ban its players, especially Bale, from playing golf during the Eurocup next summer. Jonathan Ford, executive of the Welsh Federation, confirmed it by claiming that they cannot put the health of their players at risk.

It is not the first time that coach Ryan Giggs makes such a decision, because he prefers that during the pre-Euro concentration his boys are only focused on football. The passion that Gareth Bale has for this sport is well known, from which he has come to recognize that he is an "obsessed". Your phrase from Wales, Golf and Madrid, in that order, will be more real than ever, because your selection will impose on your priority list start with the national team yes or yes.

He loves to practice it in addition to following with passion all the tournaments, but next June he will have to leave the sticks aside and devote himself only to trying to take as far as possible to his selection in the 2020 Eurocup.

Wales does not have a particularly easy group in the first phase, where you will have to measure yourself to Italy, Turkey and Switzerland. They will also have to make a long trip to Baku to play the first game, while the other two will play them in Italy.

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