The weight of the pandemic on mental health, debated in Out of Plan

Out of plane will address this Thursday the last hour of the pandemic in Canary Islands, marked by the increase in cases especially in the islands of Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, and under the controversy of the tightening of measures such as returning to a home confinement, the definitive closure of the hotel business or advancing the curfew time.

In this edition, it will also deal with the evolution of the vaccination rhythm in the islands and which population groups will be the next to receive the doses after finishing the inoculation in nursing homes, first-line toilets and dependent people.

In addition, during the program the report "The weight of the pandemic" will be broadcast, an audiovisual document that will show the increase in the incidence of mental disorders since the pandemic broke out with the analysis of specialists on set.

Some experts who will offer clues about sadness, depression and the most frequent pictures of anxiety that are being registered due to the limitations to normality imposed by the fight against the coronavirus and, particularly, the labor and economic crisis.

Out of plane It will also address a reality that is barely visible: suicides, a problem that is the main cause of unnatural death in the Canary Islands, above deaths on the road, and that affects men to a greater extent than women.


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