October 22, 2020

the web series that imagines what a coup d’etat would have been like during confinement

“Last night we agreed that the ‘prepared’ better not be touched at the moment, until it is closed. All this is great for him. He is blocked, the poor thing,” says one of the protagonists of The day D in the first episode. It is easy to recognize that it refers to the monarch, but it is not so easy to know what exactly the characters we see on the screen are up to. In this intrigue a coup d’etat is woven when we least expect it: in full confinement.

This is the premise of The day D, web series written and directed by Eugenio Amaya. A political fiction series performed by the Extremaduran theater company Aran Dramática, in which the author of works such as Anomie Imagine the gestation of a coup d’etat during the first moments of the Alarm State, with the Covid-19 wreaking havoc in the country.

It is an initiative that Eugenio Amaya started from home, trying to make fiction from reality and take advantage of a format, that of video calls, which has become popular as a result of confinement. Something new for the company, which has had to face a format that it was not used to, but which ultimately shares a spirit with Anomie, co-production with the National Dramatic Center, which was a critical and public success.

Anomie He reflected on political corruption at the time of the housing bubble. A work that provided “a new point of view” on the subject, as defined by Toni Polo in this same newspaper. “Eugenio Amaya places us behind a key hole through which we witness an authentic conspiracy between the leadership of a municipal political party to cover up a case of corruption before the electoral campaign begins. In short, a realistic, crude work and maddening. ”

In that same sense it works The day D: A series that maintains a delicate balance between clever political criticism and the conspiracy thriller, passing through the ever-disturbing exploration of the sewers of power.

“The challenge is to arouse the interest of the viewer and maintain it throughout the 14 episodes of approximately seven minutes,” says Amaya himself. The day D It premiered on June 15 and the last episode aired on Thursday, July 2. Now it can be seen in full and open on the Aran Dramatic YouTube channel.

According to its director, “the idea arises from the evocation of a film from the sixties, directed by John Frankenheimer, 7 days of May, who speculated on a possible coup d’etat in the United States during the cold war. “Eugenio Amaya believes that the Alarm State, the confinement and the suppression of theatrical performances under normal conditions, have led to the search for alternatives to confront the stop and stay alive and relevant to society.

The theme of the web series is a consequence of the political tension and the effects of the coronavirus on the population. “From time to time, it is convenient to recreate the sociopolitical climate that affects our lives and contribute to reflect on it through a narrative that is interesting and entertaining to the viewer,” says Amaya.

“It may seem daring to dare to tell an impact story through the chosen format and with only six interpreters,” says Amaya, “but this challenge is made feasible thanks to the talent and commitment of the cast and crew. We hope viewers will enjoy of this experience as we prepare to return to the stage. ”

The day D it is starring Pablo Bigeriego, María Luisa Borruel, Santi Senso, Quino Díez, Maite Vallecillo and Pilar Brinquete. The technical team is made up of Jorge Moraga, Koke Rodríguez, On.Graphics and Manuela Vázquez.


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