The weather changes abruptly throughout the peninsula with the entry of a DANA

The entry of a DANA will cause an abrupt change in the weather from Monday.

The entry of a DANA will cause an abrupt change in the weather from Monday.

The influence since Monday of an isolated depression at high levels (DANA) will cause drastic change all week, they will be recorded snowfall at relatively low elevations in large areas of the Peninsula, intense and persistent rainfall in the northeast quadrant of the peninsula and rains in the Balearic Islands and the Community of Valencia, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

According to forecasts of the Aemet, Aragon will be tomorrow in orange warning for snowfall and in yellow they will be Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia and the Community of Madrid.

By rains or storms Balearic Islands and Valencian Community will be on notice.

The Aemet has warned this Sunday in a statement that the DANA that will enter on Monday from high latitudes in the north of the Peninsula it will evolve in the following days into a cold storm that will affect the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, and at low levels there will be the entry of very cold air of polar origin, which will cause a sharp drop in the thermometers.

On Monday, the snow level will drop around 800-1,000 meters in the northern half, affecting snowfall especially in the Cantabrian Mountains, where thicknesses of around 10 centimeters can be reached.

Less heavy snowfall will occur in the Central System and Iberian System, with a probability of exceeding 5 centimeters.

Snowfall could also affect lower areas in southern Castile and Leon and northeast of Castilla la Mancha and, punctually, from the Community of Madrid.

The decrease in temperatures will take place mainly in the northern half of the peninsula, where it will be noticeable in wide areas.

Tuesday will be the “hottest” day of the meteorological episode, when a shift to the southeast is expected in the areas where the snowfall will be more intense, with greater accumulations in the Iberian System, especially in the eastern areas of Castilla-La Mancha , Teruel, west of Zaragoza, Soria and La Rioja, as well as in the central Pyrenees.

They will also be registered in the Cantabrian mountain range and Central system, where the greatest intensities will move towards the east of the area and where it is probable that 20 cm of thickness will be exceeded during this day in the Iberian system, as well as in high areas of the central Pyrenees.

On that day, in addition, intense and persistent rainfall is expected in the Ebro valley and eastern Catalonia, which will be accompanied by a storm.

The drop in temperatures which began on Monday, will be extended to the rest of the Peninsula on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, although with greater uncertainty, Snowfall will be likely in the same areas, but in a less intense way.

In the middle of the week, the temperatures begin to ascend in wide areas.

On Thursday the storm is likely to recede towards the east and that it be replaced by another one also coming from the north, so that the winter weather will be maintained at least until the end of the week, according to the Aemet.


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