February 26, 2021

The wasaps prop up the version of the minor raped in a group in Manresa

The wasaps intervened on the phones of the accused and the minor who reported a multiple rape in Manresa (Barcelona) support the victim's version, which hours after the events she wrote to her best friend: "Do you think that if I go well? I do it with seven or eight, they drugged me. "

In the trial for the multiple rape of Manresa (Barcelona), of which six young people are accused and one seventh for masturbating without preventing it, several witnesses and the Mossos d'Esquadra who investigated the case have testified on Friday, who explained that initially They opened proceedings for abuses but later modified them on the understanding that it was a sexual assault.

Although initially the trial was scheduled to end today, the court has suspended it until next September to declare the DNA test experts, so the Prosecutor's Office still has not ruled on whether it maintains the accusation of abuses against the six accused or rises her to sexual aggression, in the case of appreciating that the victim was intimidated.

According to the public prosecutor's office, the six accused violated, in turn, the minor, taking advantage of the fact that she was drunk and barely kept conscious, during a "botellón" in an abandoned factory in Manresa, in October 2016.

The wasaps that the Mossos d'Esquadra intervened in the telephones of the minor and some of the defendants give sustenance to the version of the victim, according to has exposed today in the court the agent of the Catalan police that directed the investigation.

The police has highlighted two key messages that the minor sent to her best friend in the hours after the event. In one of them, the girl claimed to have been drugged and in another warned: "As Bryan-the main defendant-finds out that I say names, he kills me."

They also found messages regarding what happened in the abandoned factory to Bryan Andrés M., who, the morning after the multiple rape, wrote a chain of wasaps to the minor, making him have sexual relations with "all" those of the party.

To this defendant, according to the Mossos, two other messages were also intervened in which he confessed to having had sexual contact with the victim while she "complained" and boasted about what happened: "we had a good time, ha ha ha", wrote.

In the trial session on Tuesday has also declared a minor who was with the victim in the "botellón", hours before the reported violation occurred, and admitted that he lied in his first statement before the Mossos d'Esquadra because Bryan Andrés M. had threatened him with death if he did not say that he was accompanied by his girlfriend at the party.

Subsequently, the witness has added, the main accused has returned to threaten him with death on two other occasions.

The threats have also been corroborated by the minor's aunt, who has told the court that on more than one occasion she had to leave her house "in her pajamas" to go in search of her niece, because they were chasing and threatening her. the street people from the environment of the processed.

Before the court, Saray, the alleged girlfriend of Bryan Andrés M., has testified today, who, after recognizing that she is "close friend" of the main accused and close to the others, has denied that the child was raped in the "botellón" "And he has maintained that the girl told him he was" happy "when she asked him if he had any problems.

The witness, like another friend of the defendants who has also denied the violation, has ruled out that during the "botellón" several of the defendants played with a gun, as explained by the victim and her friend at the trial.

However, the mosso d'esquadra that stopped at his home Bryan Andrés M. has said that when they went to his home to stop him they found a gun in a drawer that, after analyzing it, proved that it was compressed air.

The statements of the witnesses who have filed before the court in recent days incriminate three of the defendants, including Bryan Andrés M., while a quarter is indicated by the DNA tests, which concluded that some biological remains found in the The victim's pants were his.

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