August 9, 2020

The wars of «El Chiringuito» and Barcelona

Messi and Ter Stegen refused to make statements to the Atresmedia program

The ceremony of delivery of the sixth Golden Ball to Leo Messi had moments of tension between the special envoys of "El Chiringuito" and two of Barça's stars, Messi and Ter Stegen himself. The program directed by Josep Pedrerol tried to collect the statements of two of the protagonists of the gala, but Edu Aguirre was not well received by the Barça players.

The Atresmedia program journalist tried to obtain a statement from Messi after receiving the award and to ensure that his withdrawal was closer. When asked what does the phrase mean withdrawal is about? The player looked at Mega's journalist and said, "Wait for it to end." Then he decided to leave without answering "El Chiringuito". It was not the only negative. Edu Aguirre also addressed the German Barça goalkeeper trying to retain him. Ter Stegen looked at the reporter and let out a blunt: "Can you leave me, please?"

It is not the first time this season that the program has clashes with those responsible for the Barça club press. A few weeks ago at the Real Madrid-Barcelona Euroleague match, a program journalist tried to get a statement from Nikola Mirotic in an area that was not allowed. The press officer of the basketball section took the player and the Euroleague has decided to deny accreditations for future events to the program.


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