the wardrobe presses to stay

the wardrobe presses to stay

When Lopetegui left the Valdebebas Press Room yesterday, he passed behind Isco, who was sitting waiting for his turn to speak. To make room, the still coach of Real Madrid took him by the shoulders, with confidence, as is done with whom you have a good relationship, it was a way to lean to pass. "If they throw the coach, they have to throw us all out. The players defend, attack … it's everyone's fault, "assured the Real Madrid midfielder later, in one of the most closed defenses of the coach that has been heard from the dressing room.

The leaders of the entity are stripping the daisy in search of the coach that best fits the template and the objectives that have to be achieved, while the players try to do as life is the same, which is impossible. First, because the tension is in the environment and it becomes complicated to disguise it, as happened in yesterday's training and then because everyone talks and asks about the same and players can hide it, deny it, but reality is stubborn. His coach is at the eaves, at the starting gate due to the team's continuous bad results: «We have always received a lot of criticism and those who do always end up with the tail between our legs, we have won four Champions despite the criticism» , said Isco yesterday, spokesman for the staff on one of the most delicate days to be. The Andalusian was in the master plan, being firm in the defense of the harmony of the locker room and his coach.

Isco has many stripes after many years in the club and after being considered by Lopetegui as one of the main players of the team. But Isco's opinion hides something else: the costumes do not want to change coaches. At least the vast majority of the men that make it up. This is what they have informed the directors. They consider that Lopetegui is the most suitable technician to lead the group even though it is evident that the results are not accompanying. From the side of the players it is thought that while the desired game has not been deployed during many games, bad luck has been a determining factor, which has influenced and deepened the losing streak. It is a common opinion that the game against Levante, at least, had to be tied and it was not fair to come back from Moscow, in the second match of the Champions League without even a point. This is how they have seen the club's high command, to try to rectify an opinion that seems definitely taken.

Lopetegui counted in the Selection with the endorsement of the main soccer players and many of them were of the Real Madrid. That support is being seen these days within the entity where the leaders have found that there are several players in the locker room who do not want to be carried out the almost announced change of coach. But it is that from the club they also consider that soccer players, after so many victories, need someone to stimulate them instead of someone who simply accompanies them.


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