Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

The war of Vox and Citizens for the chairs of Congress

Vox is now the third political force in Congress thanks to its 52 seats and will try to assert its strength. The match of Santiago Abascal he wants to claim the seats in the central area of ​​the hemicycle that Citizens occupied in the last legislature, as the deputy of Vox and fourth vice-president of the Bureau has revealed this morning, Ignacio Gil Lázaro, at the entrance of the first meeting of the governing body of the Chamber.

"Our attitude is not going to be reproaches, but Vox is the third political force in Spain and we are not willing to be trampled on the three and a half million of our voters," said Gil Lázaro. "That is why we will not let them disregard that reality, we have a place in the hemicycle that is not the chicken coop," he added and has specified that what Vox aspires to is "the position that another parliamentary group previously occupied", although not He has expressly mentioned Citizens because "I will not say names and surnames so as not to reveal our strategy".

Dispute in the constitutive session

However, the reference to the group of Inés Arrimadas It has been clear and also the intentions of Vox: "Whatever happens, we no longer go to the chicken coop," said Gil Lázaro. The battle for seats in the hemicycle will be the umpteenth fight between ultra-right formation and the orange for chairs in Congress.

Just yesterday during the constitution session, the deputies of Vox, Luis Gestoso, and of Citizens, Marcos de Quintos, they fought to occupy the central seats in the hemicycle. In that session, the deputies can sit wherever they want because the Chamber has not yet assigned the places that correspond to each group.

The fight of the Permanent Delegation

The war began during a session of the Permanent Deputation that was held in the Constitutional Chamber. The deputies of Vox arrived and occupied the positions of Citizens. Then the oranges sat in those of the Government. The president of the chamber, Meritxell Batet, had to put order and, in the end, those of Cs yielded and rose. But the tension grew and Batet eventually expelled the general secretary of the Vox group, Macarena Olona, From the living room.

(First meeting of the Bureau of Congress this legislature)

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