August 9, 2020

The war breaks out in Ferrari | sports

Team orders were legalized in Formula 1 in 2011 even though there are pilots who, according to what circumstances, neither see nor listen and reason rather little. Sebastian Vettel is one of them, as it has become clear in different episodes in which the German has covered himself with glory. The last one, this Sunday at the Interlagos circuit, in Brazil, where the German was awarded the third of the four titles that appear on his service sheet and where fans attended this time one of the most stunned grand prizes of the last times. A crazy race that won Max Verstappen – third win of the course for him – in which Pierre Gasly (second) took the podium for the first time and in which Carlos Sainz crossed the finish line the fourth after starting the last.

The sports commissioners were studying a possible sanction against Lewis Hamilton, who completed the drawer after carrying out an overly aggressive maneuver on Alexander Albon and for which he publicly apologized to the Red Bull Thai. In case the Briton is penalized, McLaren's Spaniard would achieve his best result since competing in F1, completing an epic grand prize. "I left absolutely everything," summarized the Madrid.

It seems incredible that despite all these surprises it was Ferrari who monopolized the focus. Although it is also true that the Scuderia, or rather its most illustrious employees, put all the effort to become protagonists. There were five laps to go when the race was relaunched after the exit of the safety car, with Verstappen secured in front of the squad and with Vettel and Charles Leclerc, his teammate in the team of the red cars, playing the last place in the box. In those that Leclerc beat Vettel, who immediately and thanks to the effect of the mobile rear wing (DRS) tried to return the maneuver. With the two cars in Maranello, Heppenheim made a slight swing to the left. The end, the one planned by anyone: the two Ferrari out of combat and their two drivers throwing the tackle to the head on the radio. The dynamics of the incident were very similar to that during the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix ended with the same Vettel and Mark Webber, his then partner in Red Bull, walking back to the garage and accusing each other of being wrong from the roof.

With the unappealable roller that Mercedes has passed since the hybrid technology was introduced in the contest, there is Ferrari so that its pilots run against each other, in the example of the lack of command that seems to be in the workshop of Il Cavallino Rampant.

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