April 21, 2021

The VTC present an ERE to dismiss 2,080 workers in Catalonia

The VTC present an ERE to dismiss 2,080 workers in Catalonia

The companies of vehicles of rent with driver (VTC) have presented today three Files of Regulation of Employment (ERE) to dismiss to 2,080 workers in Catalonia, according to has informed today the employers of the sector Unauto, the same day that enters into force the decree of the Generalitat that limits its activity.

The companies that will present the ERE throughout this morning are Vector Round, which will lay off 1,000 workers; Moove Car, whose ERE will affect 750 people; and Auro, to another 330 workers.

The employer's association has made Responsible Territorial Minister Damià Calvet responsible for one of the "greatest collective dismissals in the history of Catalonia".

The largest of these adjustments is the one undertaken by Vector Round, VTC signature that serves Cabify, which has raised an ERE for the entire workforce of 1,000 workers in Catalonia, half of all it has in Spain.

The adjustments of employment derive from the decision of Uber, Cabify and other companies of the sector to stop operating in Barcelona before the entry into force this Friday of the new regulations that restrict their activity, given that it forces them to contract their services in advance minimum of fifteen minutes.

Unauto estimates that The total adjustment of the sector in Catalonia can affect some 3,500 workers. "It is the most important ERE in the history of Catalonia", according to the president of Unauto in Catalonia, Josep Maria Goñi.

At a press conference, Goñi has also denounced that the Secretary of Infrastructure of the Generalitat, Isidre Gavín, proposed to them to "work irregularly".

As revealed, Gavin said to the company of the branch that any sanction put by the Barcelona Urban Guard for breaching the 15 minutes in advance for the contracting of services would end in a drawer. "Our response was not flatly," he said.

"Territory intended, on the one hand, to satisfy the violent taxi drivers by approving a Decree Law with which they could feel comfortable, and, secondly, to avoid the pressures of both the Barcelona City Council and the WBA," he said.

"He offered to work irregularly so that we would not leave and we could continue operating in Barcelona, ​​and in this way these gentlemen thought to close the squaring of the circle," he added.

According to him, representatives of the Ministry of Territory also told them that the return to the base contemplated in the Decree of the Govern is something that does not have any importance because it is "materially impossible" to be denounced for this.


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