October 20, 2020

The Vox deputy resigns in the Valencian Corts filed for allegedly harassing a patient in her medical consultation

The Vox deputy who was the subject of a file for allegedly harassing a patient in her medical consultation has submitted his resignation to the deputy act. Vicente Roglà alleges “personal health reasons”, although he will continue to collaborate with the group in health matters, according to party sources collected by the EFE agency.

To Roglà, a doctor by profession, The Ministry of Health opened a file in 2019 after a complaint of harassment of a patient. Specifically, he accused her of asking her during a medical consultation: “You are very hard, are you going to the gym? Are your boobs just as hard? Are you wearing a bra?” The patient reported the case to the Ministry of Health and the Civil Guard, although the Prosecutor’s Office rejected the complaint as they did not find conclusive evidence or witnesses to support any of the versions.

The already ex-deputy resigned from the provincial executive of the party but maintained his status as a parliamentarian in the Valencian Corts. Roglà served as treasurer of the far-right formation and left office due to discrepancies with the leadership controlled by José María Llanos, recently re-elected provincial president in last month’s primaries. Before Roglá, deputy David Muñoz, deputy for Castellón, left, alleging disagreements in the party.


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