The voice of the poet Juan Jimnez goes out at 78 years – La Provincia

The voice of the poet Juan Jimnez goes out at 78 years - La Provincia

The voice of the "southern poet" goes out at 78 years of age. The writer Juan Jiménez (Carrizal, Ingenio, 1940), one of the leading signatures of the poetic generation that was grouped around the lyric manifesto Canary Poetry Last, which integrated island authors such as Ángel Sánchez, Eugenio Padorno and Lázaro Santana, died yesterday morning. His mortal remains were taken to the Tanatorio Fucasa Mémora Group, in 24 Arguineguín street, in Las Torres, where the burning chapel was installed. Today, at 11:30 am, as reported by the family, the cremation ceremony will take place.

With a degree in History from the University of La Laguna and considered by critics to be one of the most notable Canarian authors of the 20th century, Jiménez was awarded in 2016 with the Can de Plata de las Artes awarded by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, with which the institution wanted to put in value his dedication to poetry.

The death of the author woke up yesterday numerous samples of condolences in the social networks. "Juan Jiménez has died, an example of ethical commitment forged in a rigorous poetic word, as clear poet as a great citizen of the island, a hug to his family and friends," he wrote. Fernando Clavijo, president of the Government of the Canary Islands, in his account in Twitter.

Also the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and CanariaseBook editorial showed their regret for the departure of Juan Jiménez. The ULPGC lamented the departure of Jiménez in a statement that read: "The poet is leaving but he leaves us some of his works, as well as criticisms of them available in Digital Memory of the Canary Islands"For its part, CanariaseBook reported the loss of the poet with the words:" Today we received the sad news of the death of Juan Jiménez. Your indelible memory will always remain on the shelves of CanariaseBook with I bring wind in my eyes (2016), his last book published. Good trip, dear Juan. "

Jiménez spent his childhood and adolescence in direct relation with the peasant world of the south of Gran Canaria. Although he did commercial studies and joined the administrative work in the company Iberia, he debuted in the poetry of the 60s, when at the age of 20 he presented his first poems in the Society La Fraternidad de Reedbed. In 1966 he published his first book of poems, Necessary song with María C, in which a verse of commitment and denunciation emerges. Then, the poet paid tribute to his hometown in And it's not because of the weight of the sun that it falls (1968).

However, the voice of Juan Jiménez did not have the echo that deserved his literary vocation and had to wait until 1976, when he finally received recognition as an "uncomfortable author" at the Canarian Poetry Congress held that year. In 1980 he published Itinerary against, that compiles his poetic production until then, which he followed Epigrams (1995), the portrait of his last poetic stage.


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