'The voice': a circus of three excellent tracks | TV

You may never have heard Paulina Rubio singing; you can even underestimate the talent of the artist who had the rennet to sing "if you like to bite mango well mature", and be, at the same time, one of those three million Spaniards hooked on The voice.

Antena 3 has acquired a format that is not a program but three. First the emotional show, in the style of Surprise, surprise. Behind the scenes, the presenter, Eva González, receives aspiring musical stars. The most fortunate arrive with their family, backed by some previous musical experience, either in a hotel in Mallorca (they are always from Mallorca) or in a Juan Imedio program. The least have suffered bulliyng low intensity, and it is fair that television now gives them the opportunity that the ESO denied them then. Here you have already fallen into the trap of emotions. Now he wants that contestant to overcome the screening of the program.

Then comes the musical contest: a postadolescente of the outskirts opens his mouth and a black and torn voice emerges from his throat, as if his transport ticket had brought him from Harlem. Another distinctive feature: they often say that they have been "dreaming of this moment" for years.

The third program is a reality of the expensive, with celebrities. It begins when the four judges (Antonio Orozco, Pablo López and Luis Slowly Fonsi, Paulina) compete with each other for the best candidates. It is the world upside down: the celebrity begging the love of an anonymous.

While these three programs are happening, you have entered a spiral. In a single program, we suffer for the ungrateful life in the suburbs, we get excited by the natural talent of the voices and enjoy watching the piques between four famous stars. You have to be a robot not to get hooked.

* The sixth edition of The voice, the first in Antena 3 after five in Telecinco, has an average of 3,190,000 viewers and a 20.6% share of the screen. At the moment it exceeds the total average of the fifth edition: 2,229,000 viewers, 17.8% of Compartir.


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