The virus is primed with the nurses in La Candelaria

Dependencies of the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de Candelaria

Dependencies of the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de Candelaria
Andres Gutierrez

The two outbreaks of Covid-19 affecting a dozen workers at the Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria University Hospital, have been primed with the staff and nursing assistants of the hospital. According to the Satse nursing union, of the ten -7 in the Neurology floor of the central building and 3 in the Ofra Hospital (former Torax hospital) - the majority are nurses and aides, although two guards have also been infected. Hence, from the union they have shown their "concern" for the situation given that "if the toilets become contaminated, there will be no one to take care of," insists Ramona Mendoza, Satse provincial secretary.

"People are already doubling shifts and if this continues, it already shows signs of exhaustion," he explains. Mendoza, who insists that this problem is coupled with another: "we do not have the right to conciliation." The toilets have family, children and elderly parents with whom they have to live. "What do we do when our children must quarantine at home or if we work all day with Covid-19 patients and our elderly parents are waiting for us at home?" Asks Mendoza, who states that everyone is "very concerned" about what happened. . For his part, the secretary general of the UGT Health Federation, Fran Bautista, declared that it is necessary "to strengthen vigilance and, especially, not to lower our guard against the virus.

Both outbreaks also affect six patients -4 in the central building and 2 in Ofra- and a relative. The hospital screenings that have been carried out since Wednesday have not increased the number of affected people, so they are currently limited.

As for the origin of the outbreak, it is still a mystery and it seems that it will continue to be so. "The transmission that exists in the community, with more than 6,000 active cases, gives us to understand that any of those affected could have been patient zero," explains Mendoza, who insists that the important thing now is to try to avoid new outbreaks and control current

Faced with the situation, the center's management has taken a series of measures to limit and control these outbreaks, such as screening the affected areas, isolating contacts and actively monitoring symptoms. In addition, these plants have been closed to new income and visits have been prohibited. In recent days, in addition, the entrance to the enclosure with cloth masks has been prohibited. In a communication, signed by Management, it is stated that this decision is made "due to the impossibility of knowing both the technical characteristics and the homologation of fabric or artisan masks, as well as whether they have been used longer than they should without. recommended disinfection ". In addition, guardians have been installed in the affected plants to ensure that the recommendations are followed.

Second hospital outbreak. La Candelaria Hospital is the second outbreak reported in a hospital in the Archipelago during the second wave. The first occurred in the Insular-Maternal-Infant Hospital where they still remain under active surveillance. In the context of this outbreak there are a total of 42 patients and 51 positive workers. The hospital center has also adopted a series of containment and prevention measures, such as performing PCR on all admitted patients, regardless of the reason for admission and including obstetric and pediatric patients, and PCR screening for workers. At present, a second massive screening is carried out on all workers. In both hospital complexes, the information on the protection measures established for those responsible for each Area / Service has been reinforced. In addition, protection measures with the use of PPE have been increased above what is protocolized in the publications of the Ministry of Health.


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