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The viral photo of Broncano after stopping the police

La foto viral de Broncano tras pararle la policía

Thanks to social networks and the Photo taken by a neighbor, we knew that David Broncano Not only was he late for his collaboration with the program Modern life of La Ser, if not that it was because of a traffic violation. The municipal police of Madrid stopped the comedian for riding in bike carrying headphones. A fault by which the agents imposed a penalty fee, in addition to a good reprimand.

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This unusual situation was not only immortalized with the photograph that illustrates this news, but it was also broadcast live. The sanction has become a viral phenomenon.

"I can never be a minister anymore"

The presenter of The resistance I climbed the bike on the Gran Vía that communicates plaza de España with calle Alcalá. At the height of number 32, passing the Plaza de Callao, you will find the radio installations of La Ser, where you had to go at 13:00 to participate in one of its programs. However, after twenty minutes of waiting Broncano did not appear and nobody knew the reason until he explained it live.

Of course, apart from his word, there was a neighbor who managed to capture that moment. Two agents of the municipal stopped him for riding a bike while listening to music with headphones. This infraction carries a fine.

Broncano, fined by the municipal police

Broncano, fined by the municipal police

In the image you can see Broncano with his hands behind his back because "he did not want to look aggressive" with his helmets still on his ears, waiting for him to receive the economic sanction. "I was thinking: I'm late to work", explained to the radio mics.

"I apologize to the municipal authority and I thank the police for putting me in my place," joked the comedian "Now I have a problem. Since I've been so fond of the fine, you do not see what I have to pay or where, "he said. And is that This "social picture" is "terrible and very sad, because I am with a Bicimad bike. There is no epic. I am with the face of saying, my mother, I do not have cancer and still they have fucked me the morning ".

In addition, Broncano has also explained the talk that one of the agents gave him after recognizing who he was: "You are the weakest link in the chain of traffic," he told me. You have to be careful because you should not go like that. It is that you should not go like that, he told me"

Already through their social networks, the presenter continued with the joke ensuring that "I can never be a minister anymore."

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