Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

The viral and inexplicable mini Llull basket

It happened in a match of the mini Cup of the quarries

While the Basketball King’s Cup is being played, the mini Cup is also being played, where you can see the future stars and also some exceptional and sometimes somewhat strange actions. Arturo Jerez del Cajasiete CB Canarias’ canaasta has gone viral in his match against Valencia Basket.

He made a mini Llull, an extraordinary basket from his own field, one of those things that are seen occasionally in basketball and that is often used as a desperate resource, when the situation is limit and there is no time for anything else.

What happens is that he still had 20 seconds of possession and there were seven minutes left, that is, it was really an inexplicable play, but that went well.

And although it served to give more advantage to his team, I ended up losing.


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