The 'vintage' diva Lana del Rey premieres the 25th anniversary of the FIB | Miss Festivals Blog

The 'vintage' diva Lana del Rey premieres the 25th anniversary of the FIB | Miss Festivals Blog

The forecasts of the director of the International Festival of Benicàssim (FIB), Melvin Benn, have been fulfilled, and the gearing of a historical poster as the one that will nourish the 25th anniversary of the musical macro starts rolling "before Christmas". The FIB has launched on Wednesday the first names to commemorate its quarter-century of trajectory. An edition that will be held from August 18 to 21, 2019 in the coastal town of Castellón. The New York star Lana del Rey He leads the first musical remittance of this historical incursion, to which The 1975, the M.O.D.A., Blossoms, Cupido and Cariño join.

The songs "highly emotional" and the "suggestive and attractive pop mantle" of the New York composer Lana del Rey will land on this 25th anniversary of the FIB, announced from the organization of the contest. With four "outstanding albums" that have reached the top of the charts, and a large number of followers around the world, this atypical diva and icon vintage triumphs with his music. Emotional and bathed in nuances and suggestions. Full of songs as seductive as Love, Venice Bitch, High By The Beach, Blue Jeans or Summertime Sadness, among many others.

The great pop of The 1975 will also be on the Benicàssim concert venue this summer. Able to sign authentic hymns to sing and dance, the quartet of Manchester that Matt Healy leads returns to the festival to give to the public all its battery of hits full of echoes of pop, rock, dance or r & b, reflected in themes like Sex, Chocolate, Girls, Love Me or The Sound. The band will also present their fourth album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, with songs as addictive as Give Yourself A Try or Love If We Made It.

As ambassador of the national musical scene comes La M.O.D.A. to nourish the FIB 2019 poster. The Wonderful Orchestra of Alcohol presents an overwhelming proposal with influences from folk, country, punk and rock and roll, from The Clash to The Pogues, "in which the septet gets away with some discs that do not have waste ", affirm from the organization of the FIB. Lifeguards (Of The Lost Bales) his recent new album is "another sample of the power" of a band that has established itself as one of the best examples of national music today.

They return also to Benicàssim the melodies of Blossoms. The band from Manchester will break into this 25th anniversary with a new album, Cool Like You, which shows the rise of the band to a place where their indie rock stands out for its freshness and for songs like Blown Rose, Charlemagne, I Can not Stand It or There's A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls).

The effervescent pop, sunny and autotune of Cupid -the result of the union of the rap of Pimp Flaco and the indie of Solo Astra- adds to this start of the poster, which closes, for now, the freshness and self-confidence of the trio of pop punk Cariño, responsible for pills like Bisexual, Inappropriate Moment or Song Pop Of Love.

To the promise fulfilled by Melvin Benn to launch the first confirmations before Christmas joins another: the one of not having the mythical Oasis in this emblematic anniversary. He settled it with a firm "no" after being asked about it during the balance of the latest edition of the FIB -with more than 170,000 attendees in its four days-, and, at the moment, the resounding refusal of the British remains.


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