The Villanueva brothers can watch over their mother after six days

After six days of waitingSkeilys and José Luis Villanueva can watch over their mother, María Luisa Ruiz, today. The 84-year-old woman died suddenly last Saturday at her home in the capital of Gran Canaria, Therefore, after proceeding to remove the body, it was necessary to carry out a PCR test to comply with the current protocol. The test showed a result ppositive in Covid-19, which delayed the practice of the autopsy. Why? As reported this Friday by the Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands, the delay is justified by a breakdown in the biosafety room used in the Institute of Legal Medicine in these cases. “There was a computer mismatch and they notified the company that was in charge of installing the system to fix it as soon as possible,” they explained from the department.

María Luisa Ruiz passed away last Saturday at her home in the capital of Gran Canaria


The events that have occurred have been an "ordeal" for their children, who will be able to bury their mother tomorrow. However, they will have to wait until Monday to know the results of the autopsy. “They have not yet given us any type of documentation and we do not know the cause of death. On Monday we have to go to the Civil Registry to ask for it”, assures Skeilys, from the San Miguel Mortuary

Both she and José Luis Villanueva are "calmer", but they cannot help but feel a deep sense of disappointment. “I was hoping that, at the very least, we would be told the cause of death today. It is something that already has to be known », she regrets. To date, the family is only aware that the death occurred "between 00:00 and 04:00 from Friday to Saturday."

The family will have to wait until Monday to find out the cause of death.


It must be remembered that on Wednesday, the brothers filed a complaint in the Court of Instruction number 7 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in addition to a claim in the Institute of Legal Medicine itself. “I still feel a mixture of pain and anger. It's like I'm in a cloud and none of this ever happened," says Skeilys. "They told us that it was likely that we would not be able to see her on Sunday, but I never imagined that she would arrive at the funeral home almost a week later," she adds.

As Villanueva emphasizes, his mother did not suffer from previous pathologies and had received the three indicated doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Furthermore, in the last days of his life, he had not manifested symptoms compatible with the condition. "She lived with my brother, my sister-in-law, my sister-in-law's brother and my niece. I was the last person who spoke to her on Friday, specifically after 8:00 p.m., and she was fine », she indicates with astonishment. The next morning, her son found her dead.

After learning of the positive diagnosis of María Luisa Ruiz, the family carried out a self-diagnosis test to find out if they had contracted the infection. However, in the words of Skeilys, all tested negative. “In reality, we have already done several tests and none of those who were with her have tested positive. The truth is that we don't know how my mother got infected either," says the woman, who counts the hours to find out what the cause of death was.

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