The Villa ends with an undefeated – La Provincia

The Villa ends with an undefeated - La Provincia

The Santa Brígida gave the surprise after prevailing to one of the few equipment that maintained its condition of undefeated in the Canary group of the Third Division, the Athletic Tacoronte. The visitors took advantage of the great game played in the first half to score the two goals of the morning – through Juanyi and Ángelo – and take three gold points from Barranco Las Lajas.

The initial 45 minutes passed with dominance of the team led by Israel Quintana, who approached with danger to the goal defended by Berto. While the tacoronteros did not finish being on the green one.

The first opportunity with clear danger was immediate. Hector, at minute three, crashed a powerful shot from the edge of the area on the post. The actions passed and the dynamics did not change, which meant that the first goal of Santa Brígida arrived. In the 23rd minute, Santi shot on goal and the leather was deflected by goalkeeper Berto. However, in the rejection Juanyi appeared to shoot the networks. Three minutes later, the Villa saw land in between. Angelo received the leather in the right band and overcame Berto's stretch with a low shot.

After passing through changing rooms, the Tacoronte came out more plugged. Those from Barranco Las Lajas took control of the ball and sought to harm their rivals, but the connections in the last third of the field turned out to be erratic. The clearest of the second act would come in the 66th minute. Santi was close to putting the finishing touch to the premises, but his shot hit the crossbar. Finally the points flew from tacoronteras lands and the Santa Brígida closes the day to a point of the posts of 'playoff' of ascent to Second Division B.


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