The Villa de Ingenio takes center stage in Madrid Fusión

The Mayor Ana Hernández, the Councilor for Local Development, Domingo González, and the Councilor for Tourism, Pilar Arbelo.  |  |  LP / DLP

The Mayor Ana Hernández, the Councilor for Local Development, Domingo González, and the Councilor for Tourism, Pilar Arbelo. | | LP / DLP

The traditional fist bread from Amaro, the company located in the Cogrami municipality, which manufactures the purest vodka in the world under the Blat brand, and the researcher and engineer chef Nabila Rodrígez, have earned themselves to be in this year's edition de Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España, the world summit of the most important gastronomic fairs, which brings together chefs, pastry chefs, mixologists, winemakers and sommeliers from all over the planet to discover and promote cuisine from different perspectives.

The Mayor Ana Hernández, the Councilor for Local Development and Employment, Domingo González, and the Councilor for Tourism, Pilar Arbelo, are visiting Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España these days, which is being held from this Monday until today at the Ifema fairgrounds, to show your support for the people and companies that participate and that bear the name of Villa de Ingenio around the world. The Amaro bakery and the Cogrami company, which will also present a tropical fruit gin with the Osidian name, arrive at the gastronomy fair through the Council of Tourism of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, while Nabila Rodríguez does so from the organization itself from Madrid Fusion. The presence of the Villa de Ingenio joins the names of some of the most awarded chefs on the Island and internationally recognized, as well as the sample of quality products and a palette of flavors defined by the landscape, the territory and the history, in which sustainability and food consumption of the zero kilometer primary sector prevail. The El Parral cheese factory, the extra virgin olive oil from Ingenio that is extracted in the municipal oil mill, and the honey from the Almendreros de Guayadeque brand, all products that are made in the Villa de Ingenio, are also present in Madrid Fusión.

Circular gastronomy, the cuisine of the freshly harvested and freshly cooked, the short cycle of products and the use of resources will be the central themes of the presentations and exhibitions of Gran Canaria in this contest. Ana Hernández thanked the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the Chamber of Commerce and the companies that represent the municipality, and expressed her pride “in being able to make known outside the municipality and in a place as important as Madrid Fusión the products that identify us and they represent ».

The mayor, who invited the public present at the Gran Canaria stand to get to know the municipality "and to know the place where these treasures are made", showed the City Council's commitment to gastronomy with campaigns such as Gastro Ingenio, to promote the offer of quality restoration that the municipality has from the midlands to the coast and promoted by the Department of Local Development, and the Gastro Music initiative, which will soon be launched through the Department of Tourism.

Plant world

Eight "green activists" have shared for the first time the Chef of the Year Award granted by Madrid Fusión and that, in this XIX edition dedicated to "Circular Gastronomy", has awarded to those who for years have worked in a kitchen based on the plant world. They are Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz, Guipúzcoa), Rodrigo de la Calle (El Invernadero, Madrid), Ricard Camarena (homonymous restaurant in Valencia), Xavier Pellicer (homonymous restaurant in Barcelona), Ignacio Echapresto (Venta Moncalvillo, La Rioja) Fernando del Cerro (Casa José, Madrid), Luis Callealta (Cycle, Cádiz) and Javier Olleros (Culler de Pau, Pontevedra).

Considered one of the most relevant awards of Madrid Fusión, the Chef of the Year Award recognizes the distinctive contribution of a chef to gastronomy and yesterday it was collected by eight of the top representatives of cuisine based on the plant world.


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