The Viera y Clavijo 2021 awards recognize the work of Canarian teachers and educational centers

This Friday morning, June 3, seven members of teaching bodies, two centers in Tenerife and the educational community of Valle de Aridane (La Palma) have received the Viera and Clavijo distinctions corresponding to the year 2021.

This is the most notable recognition of those granted by the Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands to teachers, centers and groups of non-university education,
distinguished for their trajectory, dedication and pedagogical innovation.

In an institutional event held at the CIFP Las Indias, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the regional Executive, professors Enrique Pérez Darias, Ramona Martín de León, Calixto Herrera Rodríguez, Carmen Martín Afonso, Rafael Jerez Hernández and Yolanda Ortega Moral, together with inspector Julio Valentín Gutiérrez González. The CIFP Las Indias, the IES El Galeón and the educational communities of the Aridane Valley have also deserved the decoration, which have been represented respectively by Gregorio Fernando Hernández Pérez, Salvador Luciano González Hernández, Mónica María Viñas Salguero and Inmaculada Calero Capote.

On behalf of the award-winning people and centres, Professor
Yolanda Ortega-Morales, thanked the Government of the Canary Islands for its recognition and reviewed the trajectories of the winners with a speech of literary evocations. In her final words, visibly moved, the teacher praised the work of the educational community as a whole and defended an education
«that leaves no one behind, courageous in the face of the challenge of opening new paths, capable of building the interior of people and at the same time, spaces for collective coexistence; willing to create critical and competent citizenship in the face of new challenges and with universal access to the riches that this planet offers to everyone”.

Counselor Manuela Armas sent a message of congratulations to the winners for their commendable work and merits and assured that
«each and every person who performs teaching tasks or is involved in the educational process deserves a medal; They should all receive collective applause, because there is no more important responsibility than those who question us than to provide the generations that will succeed us with the knowledge, skills and values ​​to build a better world».

He also emphasized the importance of emotional and values ​​education, an objective of the new Law that has already been advanced in the Canary Islands, through the Emocrea subject and numerous transversal projects related to equality, sustainability, diversity or positive coexistence, among others.

For her part, the Deputy Minister of Education, Universities and Sports, Dolores Rodríguez, pointed out during her speech that the people and centers awarded in each edition
"exemplify the quality of the educational ecosystem, dedication, dedication, passion for overcoming challenges, ambition for excellence; and ultimately, the commitment to public education, which is a springboard for equal opportunities and a guarantee of equitable access to training and the possibilities it provides».

Among the public were the councilor of the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Inmaculada Fuentes, relatives of the people honored, representatives of the educational communities of the islands and members of the government team of the Ministry of Education, such as the general directors of Planning , Innovation and Educational and Personnel Quality, Gregorio Cabrera and Fidel Trujillo, and the general directors of Centers, Infrastructures and Educational Promotion and Vocational Training and Adult Education, Laly González and Rosario Gañán, as well as the territorial directors and directors insular

After the interventions and the delivery of the distinctions, the act concluded with the performance of the saxophone quartet of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who interpreted several pieces and put the finishing touch to the act with the Canary Islands anthem. CIFP Las Indias participated in the organization and development of the event, which was also broadcast via streaming thanks to the collaboration of CIFP César Manrique.

Profiles and merits

Exemplary dedication:

Julio Valentin Gutierrez Gonzalez. He has developed his professional career as a civil servant in three Bodies: Primary, Secondary and Educational Inspection. Among his most notable merits is the implementation of the Educational Quality Improvement Program in the Canary Islands and his firm commitment to maintaining rural schools and incomplete centers, as backbones of the territory and sustainability.

Calixto Herrera Rodriguez. Technician of the Health Area of ​​the General Directorate of Organization, Innovation and Educational Quality, has shown an involvement and dedication worthy of recognition in advising and accompanying in situations of loss and mourning in Canarian centers. His project “Caterpillars and colored butterflies on the desks of our school” has favored a pedagogical framework of individual and collective resilience.

Rafael Sherry Hernandez. From his participation in the construction of the Spanish educational framework in democracy until today, he has always demonstrated an inalienable commitment to the teaching public function, through links with pedagogical renewal groups, teaching courses and involvement in projects of various kinds. An example of determination to promote a truly transformative educational quality.

Carmen Martin Afonso. Director of the emblematic IES Pérez Galdós, her defense of Education as a public service, linked to the community and the closest environment, is notable. The creation of the IES Pérez Galdós Classroom-Museum, with projection to society as a whole, its commitment to a methodology based on educational projects, or the consolidation of a school coexistence management team are just some of its merits.

Ramona Martin de Leon. Primary teacher who ends her work stage being faithful to her principles and values, after more than thirty years dedicated to her passion for teaching. Her career will be remembered for her tireless search for family involvement, the promotion of equality, mediation and positive thinking in the classroom and her love for books, reflected in the school promotion of reading and dynamization from the school library.

Yolanda Ortega Morales. A secondary school teacher, she stands out for her commitment to promoting reading, writing and orality as a tutor and collaborator in the Canary Islands school library projects and to improve reading skills. Her involvement in the foundation of the Canarian Association of Service Learning and in the promotion of this innovative methodology is commendable. She combines her teaching work with solidarity volunteering.

Enrique Perez Darias. He has a teaching career and a track record worthy of an award in the field of Vocational Training, in his professional family of Electricity and Electronics. He has participated as an expert in the VET Olympics at a national and international level and his contribution to various pioneering projects is noteworthy, such as the implementation of fiber optics in schools in the Canary Islands.

Educational centers with award-winning innovative projects

CIFP Las Indias. A benchmark in the Canary Islands in innovation, internationalization and leadership, with projects such as VEST, an inter-centre strategic alliance that involves six countries in research on traditional European clothing or the promotion of Ecodesign companies in the industrial sector, fashion and personal image, managed by women under 30 years of age.

IES The Galleon. Among its merits is being the first Spanish Institute to be certified as a "Microsoft Showcase School" center, in addition to having been awarded for projects that allow an inclusive, collaborative and diverse response to be given to the educational community and with a proactive attitude in the face of any contingency. including the COVID-19 health alert.

The community of educational centers in the Aridane Valley. He is recognized for his ability to adapt to dramatic and unexpected circumstances, responding sensitively and effectively to the needs of students; for maintaining educational quality thanks to the organizational effort, worthy of appreciation, with the optimization of material and human resources and pedagogical updating, mainly aimed at the technological and psycho-emotional field.

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