April 11, 2021

The Viera returns to the path of victory – The Province

The Viera returns to the path of victory - The Province

The Union Viera retakes the path of victory after beating by the minimum to a leathery Union Port, which chains its third consecutive day without adding three.

The lonely after the rest of Xiraxi gave a long-suffering triumph to the red and black. The local player was ready to pick up the rejection of the majorero goal Paquito, who had stopped the maximum penalty.

There was alternate dominance during the initial compasses of a contest in which it was the Union Puerto which gave more of itself to approach with danger to the vicinity of keeper Alejandro.

With the passing of the first half, Jero Santana's team recovered from the initial push of the Majorera squad, taking the reins but without success to put the meta-risk at risk.

Union Viera found it difficult to find spaces in the final meters, while the pupils of Miguel Santana were dangerous against the backlash, especially through Chata.

In the 32nd minute, a long ball from the Majoreros was close to becoming the first goal of the game; the local goal Alejandro could not control in the first instance, leaving the ball finally to corner kick.

The locals tried to go to the halftime with advantage, but Union Puerto was in charge of drowning the elaborative game of some red and black who were unable to connect in the final meters with their offensive references.

After the intermission, Unión Viera took control of the game. He did it through Xiraxi, who was 1-0 at the final dessert, taking advantage of the rejection of goalkeeper Paquito after stopping a maximum penalty to the midfielder himself.

With the score in favor, the Gran Canaria team was more comfortable. He could even extend the income with opportunities in which Sergio Gonzalez and Dani Herrera, the latter with a volley shot, could not beat a superb visitors goalkeeper.

Until the end, the Puerto Union insisted on looking for the equalizer. His rival who defended himself with solvency. In the last moments, a shot from Hector from the front was about to become 1-1, but the young keeper Alejandro, debutante, saved his team.


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