January 26, 2021

The Viera knocks down the intractable Tamaraceite in the Alfonso Silva – La Provincia

The Viera knocks down the intractable Tamaraceite in the Alfonso Silva - La Provincia

The Viera He signed the big surprise after beating leader Tamaraceite (2-1), in a game that came to rest in the draw, thanks to the goals of the red and black Hector 'Choco' and the blue and white Samuel Casais. With the recess, the picture of the Whale, in spite of seeing itself with a soccer player less by the expulsion of Elvis, practiced a good soccer to register the victory with so much of the Cadiz Herrera.

In the 24th minute, Jero Santana's squad took charge, with a fable shot from the Vierista winger Hector 'Choco', from the right, who slipped into Jonay's goal. The Tamaraceite was not intimidated and looked for the equalizer, with more claw than hit. The Blue and Whites enjoyed their best opportunity, so far, with a shot from Borja Vera, who had to be employed thoroughly Álex Guanche.

The Tamaraceite imposed its dominance with the course of the first half, and put the tables in 37 ', with a set piece action, which ended materializing Casais.

After the break, the Viera was depleted when his Elvis player saw the second yellow. In spite of the numerical inferiority, those of Jero Santana dominated and were on the verge of unbalancing the balance, with a lack thrown by Xiraxi. The Tamaraceite response came with a clear opportunity in which Borja Vera He sent his shot over the crossbar.

In the 74 ', Schamann's team got their second goal, through the mediator of the Dani Herrera, who benefited from a pass between lines of his teammate Julio. In the decisive measures of the clash, the 'Tama' turned in search of the tie, enjoying his best chance, with a powerful shot from Aythami Betancort, from long distance, who met with the excellent intervention of Guanche.


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