The video with which Cristina Pedroche warms up engines for the Chimes

Cristina Pedroche placeholder image She is already a veteran in saying goodbye to the year from Puerta del Sol, since she has presented the Chimes program on Antena 3 for the last 6 years. However, the communicator has confessed that, with her great moment getting closer, her nerves do not stop growing.

Excited, and with some uncertainty about the fact that this year everything will be different because of the pandemic of the Covid in which we are immersed – starting because for the first time it will present the program without an audience to welcome the new year in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol – Pedroche has not revealed any detail of what is always his best kept secret, the dress chosen for the occasion.

Although it is rumored that it will be a comfortable model and different from the spectacular and commented outfits that it has worn years ago in the Campanadas, the presenter does not “loose or garment But, true to his sense of humor, he has shared a hilarious video on his Instagram account to warm up engines with two days to go for the grapes.

A video in which Pedroche laughs at herself and it removes iron not only from the fact that there will be no public in Sol, but also the color of her dress which, in this promotional skecth of the Chimes, is hope green. Will it be the tone chosen for her big day or just a distraction maneuver by Dabiz Muñoz’s wife, aware that on December 31, shortly before 00.00, all eyes will be on her and the model chosen to dismiss year?


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