The video where Casado calls Sánchez a traitor and an accomplice is not because of the virus

The video in which the PP leader, Pablo Casado, accuses Pedro Sánchez of "traitor", "illegitimate president", "irresponsible" and "complicit in what is happening" is from more than a year ago and, therefore , unrelated to the coronavirus crisis, as a PSOE message on Twitter pretends to make believe.

"Hello, @populares, is this the loyalty you offer?" That is the message with which the PSOE, in its official account on Twitter, accompanied on the 9th a video in which Casado dedicated to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, a series of harsh disqualifications.

In the video, of just a minute, some of the adjectives addressed to Sánchez are highlighted with subtitles: "The greatest traitor", "a felon", "illegitimate president", "champion of the rupture", "the greatest felon", "irresponsible, incapable", "an unfair", "compulsive liar", "a catastrophe", "incompetent, mediocre", "squatter", "irresponsible, participant and accomplice" ...

With these disqualifications to Sánchez, the PSOE wanted to expose Casado in the health crisis by COVID-19 a few days after the PP leader, also on Twitter, explained that he had expressed to the Chief Executive "the support of the Party Popular for containment measures against coronavirus, "before adding:" Loyalty and unity demand efficiency and transparency. "

DATA: The video with the statements of Casado in which he calls Sánchez "traitor" and "complicit in what is happening" has nothing to do with the coronavirus crisis, because in reality it is more than a year ago.

These are statements that Casado made at the Conquense Pharmaceutical Cooperative (Cofarcu) on February 6, 2019, when Sánchez had not yet even called the April 28 elections, and with which the PP president criticized the government's willingness to open a dialogue with the Catalan independentists that included the figure of a rapporteur.

The compilation of excerpts from that informative appearance was published that same day by the newspaper El País on YouTube, where you can currently find the version with subtitles and another one a little longer without them, as well as the complete intervention of Casado on his visit to that pharmaceutical cooperative in Cuenca.


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