March 7, 2021

The victims present 21 concrete measures to eradicate the abuses | Society

The victims present 21 concrete measures to eradicate the abuses | Society

Victims of sexual abuse on Sunday at the Vatican. In video, Miguel Hurtado, spokesman for the Spanish victims, explaining what measures they ask of the Church.

The summit held in the Vatican on abuses of minors, a meeting that for four days has brought together 190 religious leaders to try to stop one of the greatest crises of the modern Church, has left the victims with a bad taste in their mouths. All the associations consider that the meeting has not advanced in concrete measures and that the speech of the Pope was not up to the historical moment. So this Monday, in the same place of San Pedro, have presented a document with 21 points that, according to his long experience in the matter, the Church should adopt to end this plague.

The Global Organization of Victims of Abuses (ECA), which includes associations from more than 20 countries, presented the plan of action that, in his opinion, the Pope should have adopted. A scheme organized around the three themes in which the Summit days were divided: responsibility, accountability and transparency. It is a much more radical and concrete approach to the issue. But, for many reasons, impossible to accept today by the Vatican. Miguel Hurado, spokesman for the Spanish association Childhood Stolen, said that they are only "measures of common sense" away from "the generalities" that Francisco said.

The first point is always the same: to reform the canonical law so that the priest or religious who has been condemned for abusing a minor once, whenever (it is also necessary to eliminate the prescription), is expelled forever from the priesthood . And exactly the same for any bishop who has covered up the abuses of a priest. Among the 21 measures, the elimination of Eat a mother amorevole, the motu proprio signed by the Pope in 2016 to punish the bishops, as it is too "soft".

The victims have also underscored another of their historic petitions. The obligation to transfer all cases of abuse to which the dioceses and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are aware must be instituted by law. They also demand that the Church stop exercising pressure on governments to avoid reforms. legal in that direction. In addition, they request that all documentation on the cases be transmitted to the civil authorities and at no time can be destroyed, as well as that the national courts report any cases of abuses to minors.

In fact, there is a direct request to Pope Francis about his time as archbishop of Buenos Aires. The victims demand the same transparency that he claims and that he deliver to the civil authorities all the relative documentation in cases of abuses in Argentina of priests Julio Cesar Grassi and Nicola Corradi. In addition, they also shoot against Bergoglio in the case of the Argentine bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, titular until 2017 of the diocese of Oran (northern Argentina), and that is being investigated by the Vatican for sexual abuse. The problem is that Zanchetta, close to the Pope, was first transferred to Spain and then to Rome when they could have already recorded the allegations.


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