The victims of Hurricane Michael increase when more corpses are found in Florida

The victims of Hurricane Michael increase when more corpses are found in Florida

The rescue teams working in the area of ​​northwest Florida where Wednesday hit the hurricane Michael have found in the last hours two more bodies, which brings the number of fatalities so far to a range between 26 and 31, according to information journalistic

According to the newspaper "Tampa Bay Times", there are now 21 people killed in Florida alone and, if the ten registered in other states of the southeastern United States are added, the victims would rise to 31, compared to the 26 that the CNN chain, sixteen in Florida.

There is no official account of Michael's victims, so it is the media who are doing that task according to their information.

The discovery of two other corpses in the last hours was confirmed by police teams working in the so-called "ground zero" of Michael, the town of Mexico Beach for which the hurricane made landfall with maximum winds of 250 kilometers per hour and a Sea swell of up to 4.2 meters.

The level of the waters is gradually declining and this has made it possible to find the last bodies, according to a message on the Twitter social network of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (southeast of Florida), with a prominent team in the area of disaster.

One of the bodies was found with the help of a drone and the other was discovered by a dog trained to rescue people.

The director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Brock Long, had already anticipated that the number of fatalities would increase with the passage of days and the progress of the search.

Michael not only devastated an area of ​​northwest Florida, but also produced floods and other problems as it passed through several southeastern states on the way to the Atlantic, where it was diluted.

The cyclone formed in the southwest of the Gulf of Mexico and very quickly gained strength until it reached a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale of a maximum of 5.

There are still no assessments of material damage, but the images of Mexico Beach and the neighboring and greater Panama City indicate that they are large.

"I've seen pictures, but it's hard to believe, when you're on a plane, to see the total devastation, to see that there are no houses left, it's incredible," said US President Donald Trump, who toured the areas on Monday. of Florida and Georgia.

In Florida there are still almost 98,000 homes, offices and businesses without electricity, in Georgia 26,182 and in Virginia 10,094, because of the destruction of Michael, says the specialized website


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