The victim reiterates her accusations of abuse against the former Vox deputy and assures that they tried to keep her from reporting

The victim reiterates her accusations of abuse against the former Vox deputy and assures that they tried to keep her from reporting

The victim has reiterated her accusations of rape against former Vox deputy Carlos Hugo Fernández-Roca during the trial held this Wednesday. The young woman has assured that she refused to be penetrated, and that before filing the complaint a friend of the accused and also a Vox deputy in Congress, Rodrigo Jiménez, told her that “she could do a lot of damage” if she went ahead: “ He told me to tell a priest and that I had to forget because it could do a lot of damage.”

The former deputy of the Santiago Abascal formation has alleged that the alleged victim was looking for "professional income" to enter the party led by Santiago Abascal, stating that the sexual relationship was "consensual" and that it was interrupted when she told him that it was her " fertile day. “She was obsessed with Vox”, underlined Fernández-Roca, who has sat on the bench of the accused of the Provincial Court of Madrid, and for whom the prosecutor asks for five years in prison. The former Vox deputy, a military man by profession, left the Congress of Deputies in November 2020 after hearing the complaint about the alleged violation.

"Economic compensation"

During her statement, the victim indicated that she had been drinking with a friend when Fernández-Roca called her, with whom she had met on three other occasions, to join her for a drink. When he arrived at the bar she was leaving and finally agreed to meet him "out of obligation", on the condition that he take her home soon, something he told her he would do but did not comply, since he wanted to have a drink first. and then they had dinner so that she would improve her condition, convincing her to come to his house for dinner.

The victim has explained that, already at her house, there were several "consensual" kisses, but that later she expressly told him that she did not want to continue, since she was drunk and had vomited, she recalls. In the end, he undressed her and penetrated her: “I resisted and refused”, he underlined her. The same day of the attack, he went to file a complaint at a police station but a police officer recommended that he not do so because he was going to suffer in the procedure. After that, she went to a hospital and obtained a medical report for a vaginal tear.

For his part, the former deputy has denied the accusations. “I did absolutely nothing”, he has asserted in his extensive statement, in which he has slipped that the girl could suffer from some mental disorder due to the obsession she had with him and the game. The magistrate Pilar Abad Arroyo, president of Section 15, has called his attention and has summoned him not to "insult" the victim and to refrain from using profanity after referring on several occasions to the "sexual connotations" of the victim's behavior. she.

The young woman has stated that she "never" asked her to enter Vox and has said that in Albacete she was offered positions that she rejected because she wanted to prioritize her studies. According to her version, a Vox deputy friend of the accused told her that if she was "so Christian", she had to forget him. "He told me to tell a priest and that I had to forget because it could do a lot of damage," said the complainant, who maintains that from the accused's environment they offered him "financial compensation" for not denouncing and paying the money of psychological help.

A few days after that night, Rodrigo Jiménez told Fernández-Roca that the young woman was going to report him because she said he had raped her, and when the police later informed him that the complaint had been filed, he resigned as deputy “to be tried.” by ordinary justice”.

“Obsessed with Vox”

The defendant has reported that he met the complainant in October 2020 after a party colleague introduced her to him. “This girl had a manifest obsession with Vox. She already tried to flirt with my friend but he was married ”, he has narrated. “It was not normal. She wanted to go into politics. She asked me. She had fixation.”

The accused has detailed how the sexual contact developed and has stressed that he was consented at all times, and that during the relationship the girl told him that it was her fertile day, at which time, according to what he says, he stopped the sexual encounter: "She He got angry," he added.

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