The victim of the alleged abuse on the campus of Tafira: "It is not an excuse that the violation was not consummated" - La Provincia

The victim of the alleged abuse on the campus of Tafira: "It is not an excuse that the violation was not consummated" - La Provincia

At the beginning of this month of October, specifically on Tuesday the 2nd, the news was known that a student of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (CCADF) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and natural of La Laguna, He had gone to court after being denounced for attempting to carry out a sexual assault.

The page echoed Journalism ULL, who has interviewed the young woman who denounced the facts in a new publication made this Sunday, October 7.

How you feel?
"Right now I'm super-reluctant, I feel like I'm not I. At times I want to disappear, although at other times I need someone to be with me, it's a bit complicated to have to live in the Residence, people know what happened to me and yes, many they are with me and support me, but there are people who do not and the looks and murmurs also affect me. "

How do you think Justice will act in this case?
"I only hope that my attacker receives a punishment, they will say that it is not so bad since the rape was not consummated and he was drunk, but that is not an excuse."

Do you think that raising your voice will help other young people?
"I hope the girls report every time something similar happens to them or the same thing, because if we shut up we give more power to people of this type and we encourage them to continue doing it, but you can never lie in anything. to go, always, with the truth ahead. "

Do you want to add something more?
"I kept silent about many things in the past because I was a minor and did not want to worry my parents, but enough is enough: zero tolerance."

The events took place in the Tafira University Residence on Saturday, the 29th. After receiving the notice from the young woman, the National Police appeared in the residential center where the student was, to proceed with his arrest on the night of last Sunday. September 30th. It was then the same page Journalism ULL the one that made the facts known, pointing out that the event had taken place as a hazing. According to the same publication, the victim of this alleged assault attempt He started talking about his sexual experiences with other classmates of the residence itself. When they arrived at the premises, the alleged aggressor took the key from the room to the young woman and forced him to enter behind him. Once inside, he told him to do a fellatio because he is a rookie and he is a veteran.

Journalism ULL he adds that the student continued insisting and, as a friend of the student related, supposedly physically assaulted him. Later, forced him to change clothes to party with him: this is how he got the girl to perform, forcibly, the supposed fellatio before leaving the center of Tafira. When they were leaving, the girl managed to escape and ran to the floor of another friend. After what happened, the young woman went to a health center and a friend encouraged him to report.


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