July 6, 2020

The victim of Puertollano met his murderer in a television dating program | Society

Ramón García regrets the sexist crime of a guest in his program.

The victim and the murderer of the crime macho of Puertollano (Ciudad Real) They met at a dating television show in Castilla-La Mancha. Olga Savenchuk, Ukraine, 61, went to space In company, which is broadcast in Castilla-La Mancha Television, to find a partner. One of the calls of interested suitors was that of Antonio Sánchez Gallego, a 53-year-old Spaniard. After that first contact and a relationship of about a year, she moved from Albacete to his house in Puertollano. A month later, Antonio shot him four shots. He killed himself with the fifth bullet. He is the third victim of gender violenceor 2020. On Kings Day, a man killed to his partner and his three-year-old daughter in Espluges de Llobregat.

“Today I have to tell you something very important and very painful for all of us who do this program,” Ramón García said on Monday. In company. “It is the day that is costing me the most to put myself in front of these cameras,” said the presenter, who between the sections of the evening program puts in contact couples of strangers who want to establish a relationship.

Antonio Sanchez

Antonio Sanchez

The presenter did not give many explanations or concrete data, “out of respect and because there is an open investigation.” “The woman who has been murdered was sitting here,” he said, pointing to the guest chair, where the victim “was chatting.” “But I still can’t give them names.” According to the presenter the producer thought about not doing the program. “What do we do? It’s not easy, ”he repeated on camera. “They have killed one of ours.” “I hope we never have to tell them that a woman has been murdered,” said Ramón García, visibly moved, asking the public for a “little hand” to move forward with the presentation of a guest who came to the set, precisely from Puertollano, To meet someone.

Meanwhile, the mourning day was declared as a sign of rejection of gender violence. 1,035 women and 35 boys and girls have been killed in Spain since there is an official count. Around 300 neighbors approached this Tuesday morning to the Plaza de la Constitución to join the minute of silence. Antonia, 91, was the first to arrive. From the arm of a relative and with a chair in tow. “I come because it’s okay. I don’t know her but I have to be here.” A few meters away, in front of the portal of the apartment where both resided, two operators removed the luminous signs of Merry Christmas.

Olga Savenchuk was hardly known in the neighborhood. Neither in the hairdresser nor in the booths near his rental apartment, whose owner complained this Tuesday afternoon that he was going to have to pay the cleaning of the traces left by the crime. There are still the notches in the walls of the bullets. The owner of the apartment, like the taxi driver who ever took and brought Antonio Sánchez from work, just remember that the woman spoke little. They were not even sure if he knew Spanish or not or where it was from. In the funeral home of the Almodóvar de Puertollano road, nobody watches over Olga Savenchuk’s body. No one has claimed it yet.


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