The victim of Ofra twice reported mistreatment of her nephew and partner - La Provincia

The victim of Ofra twice reported mistreatment of her nephew and partner - La Provincia

The man arrested on Sunday as the alleged perpetrator of the murder of a woman at his home in Santa Cruz de Tenerife was at the same time a couple and nephew of the victim, as detailed yesterday to the media the government delegate in the Canary Islands, Elena Máñez.

The woman, Rosario María Concepción Hernández, 60, retired, had already been assisted in 2014 by a complaint of domestic abuse, so the man, GSC, 57, who was a handyman in a matter of mechanics, he imposed a measure of estrangement for a year, at that time did not record the sentimental relationship, while at the time of July last year, he also received medical assistance at the General Hospital of La Palma revealing that the blows had been inflicted by his partner , but did not want to file a complaint with the Civil Guard.

The body of the woman was located at noon last Sunday, with evident signs of violence, in the house they both shared in the Tenerife neighborhood of Ofra. Both the victim and the alleged perpetrator of his death are from La Palma town of San Andrés y Sauces, specifically in the neighborhood of Las Lomadas.

In the absence of the investigation into the case of the Paraguayan Romina Múñez, in Lanzarote, the death of Rosario María Concepción Hernández is the first for gender violence in the Canary Islands in 2019, although there are currently four cases open with investigations in course.

The Government delegate, Elena Máñez, yesterday asked "not to assess" the circumstances of the murder so as not to "distort" the message, making it clear that "the motive" of the murder has been "for being a woman".

As will be recalled the facts of this crime of gender violence took place in Sinbad street, number 3 in block 1, in the capital of Tenerife when the alleged author of death, GSC, phoned his relatives to warn that He was going to commit suicide after supposedly ending the life of his aunt and sentimental partner. These, given the seriousness of the situation, alerted the emergency service that sent an ambulance and several National Police crews to the home.

When they arrived at the place they found Rosario María Concepción Hernández on the bed, dead and covered up to the head. His body had injuries to his face and arms. On walls and floors, police officers found lots of blood spatter.

The doctors who moved to the scene proceeded to resuscitate G. S. C., who was evacuated to the Hospital Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria, where he underwent a stomach lavage. Once the alleged aggressor was recovered, he was transferred to the jails of the Police Station of the National Police of La Laguna, since those of Tres de Mayo are closed for works. It is expected that during the day of Tuesday will be made available to the judicial authority.


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