The victim of a triple rape in Barcelona: “They told me that other girls made it easier for them”

Image of the press room of the Audiencia de Barcelona during the trial against the three defendants for the triple violation of Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Image of the press room of the Audiencia de Barcelona during the trial against the three defendants for the triple violation of Sant Boi de Llobregat.
Manu Mitru

“They insulted me, they laughed at me. They told me that other girls made it easier for them ”. One after another they raped her in a clearing of Sant Boi de Llobregat on the early morning of May 19, 2018. Up to three people sexually assaulted inside a vehicle. Then they threw her out of the moving car and left her abandoned. “I stayed on the ground crying,” he remembers. They had put her in the trunk of the tourism when closing the nightclub in Molins de Rei to which she had gone with a friend. While one abused her, the other two held her so she wouldn’t resist. “My life has changed,” admits the girl.

At the Audiencia of Barcelona the trial against the three alleged attackers of the young woman. The prosecutor claims for two of them 43 years in prison and for the third, 46 years. The latter not only allegedly raped her, but He also photographed it inside the vehicle, half-naked and with the buttocks exposed, and distributed the images, in which some of those involved appear, to third parties through the watshapp. The public prosecution attributes to each of the defendants the authorship of a crime of sexual assault with carnal access and the necessary cooperation of the other two violations. The public prosecutor claims that the girl, because of the alcohol and drugs she consumed, “had a serious deterioration in her intellectual and physical functions.”

The victim’s testimony has been terrifying. That night he stayed with a friend. First they went to dinner and then to a disco in Molins de Rei. “Once inside, I drank and used cocaine and hashish,” the girl admitted. When the store closed at 6 in the morning and when her friend had left, she went with a group to “get more cocaine.” Her cell phone and purse had been stolen. When he was by some ships, a vehicle stopped next to him. Inside were several young people. “They asked me if I was alone and where I was going,” she recalled. “They grabbed me by the hair, dragged me and put me in the trunk. I started banging and screaming. When it stopped and they opened, I tried to kick, but they closed and continued, ”he explained.

In the open

The vehicle headed towards a field near a field next to the area of ​​the Cooperative City of Sant Boi of Llobregat. The prosecution maintains that after stopping the car and “with knowledge of the state” of the girl, “that it was early in the morning, that they were in a remote place and that there were a majority of three,” the defendants ” prior and mutual agreement ”, they took off her bra, exposing her breasts, and“ pulled down her stockings with force ”, until they broke.

Later, one after another they sexually attacked her, forcing her to perform blowjobs and penetrating him. “I remember, but I have flashes. He knew us from nothing, “he specified. According to her version, there were five, but only three of them raped her. “They took me by the arms, legs and face. It was inside and outside the vehicle ”, he insisted. After a while, they opened the door for her and left her in the open. “I stayed on the ground crying and walked to the station. I asked people for help and nobody helped me, until a person came and called the ambulance ”, he declared. Because of the assault, the girl continues to have psychological problems and since the event she has had to enter a psychiatric hospital twice. “I’m not going out alone yet,” she explained. And he continued before the questions of the parties.

– Was there violence and intimidation?

–Yes. They forced me.

“ Did they make you do things you didn’t want to?


The victim photographically identified the defendants at the police station, but not at the recognition round. The defenses have tried to use this fact, as well as some confusion with the color of the car in which she was kidnapped. “I said what I remembered, I was in shock,” he said, while remembering that one of the mossos That he questioned him greatly influenced him to remember what had happened. In this sense, an agent explained that what they always try is to “emphasize” with the complainants so that they remember as much as possible. The defendants will be questioned the last, on Monday, after the testimony of the prosecution and defense witnesses.


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