May 16, 2021

The victim does not remember anything

The victim does not remember anything

The young victim of 'La Manada' in Alicante was "totally drugged" at the time of the attack and psychologists recommend not to see the video recorded by his four alleged attackers.

His lawyer, Francisco González, assures that the young person "has tested positive in cannabis and cocaine and that they could also administer burundanga".

Also, in statements to Antena 3, the lawyer affirms that the young woman is aware of what has happened but has no clear memory and affirms that psychologists have advised against seeing the video of the aggression.

Apparently the young woman remembers the moments before intoxication with narcotics and alcohol but later entered a state of semi-consciousness.

Investigate if they committed other aggressions

On the other hand, the Civil Guard investigates if several of the four detainees could have committed two other sexual assaults of similar characteristics.

Sources of the investigation have informed Efe that, in addition to the alleged violation of New Year's Eve, inquire if several of these four detainees (have not specified the number), Spaniards of Ecuadorian origin of 19, 21, 22 and 24 years, participated in two group violations committed in the past by the same area of ​​the province of Alicante.

In addition to these two possible similar assaults, which were not reported at the time, there is a fourth case involving the 22-year-old detainee: an attempted rape committed in October 2018 and in which there is a complaint.

In any case, the researchers do not rule out the appearance of new possible aggressions or abuses of those involved in the coming dates, although at the moment there is no more.

The lawyer of the victim of the alleged sexual assault of New Year's Eve, Francisco González, has explained to Efe that he will ask for each one of the four "at least" 15 years of prison for a continuous crime of complete sexual aggression in a group and for his presumed necessary cooperation in the aggressions of the other three.

He also does not rule out extending the accusation to a witness on the floor of Benidorm to which the detainees and the victim went before moving to Callosa, considering that previous what was to happen due to the attitude of the group and, despite everything, did not denounce them. to the security forces.


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