The vice president of Sporting denies that there was "no private party" in his premises

An image of the Belllavista restaurant.

An image of the Belllavista restaurant.

"There was no party. The footballers were in the premises fulfilling all the measures ". The phrase is of Javier Martinez to this newspaper in the midst of the crisis of the outbreak of COVID-19unleashed in the rojiblanco club, of which the hotelier, a member of the Gavia group, is vice president, as well as of the Otea sector employer's association.

The aforementioned adds a new aspect to add to the health, institutional and sports aspect since the positives from ten staff members (nine players and a technical assistant) and that are linked to a coronavirus outbreak in which 34 positives and more than 134 close contacts are recorded, as announced by La Nueva España and confirmed by the Health services of the Principality of Asturias.

Sporting, the League and the Principality are studying the origin of the outbreak of the rojiblanco club, which would be at a party that took place at a player's home on December 21 after the draw against Leganés. Several players attended the aforementioned event and the first contagion took place there. Later, these same players, asymptomatic and without having proof of their infection, would have gone to different places in Gijón during the Christmas festivities. Sporting spoke this morning for the first time during the crisis and pointed out that "the origin of the outbreak should be in the social or family sphere of people domiciled in Gijón."

One of the places where a Sporting player went once infected was Bellavista. At least two Sporting players went to that venue on December 24, Christmas Eve, after eating at one restaurant and having coffee at another, as confirmed to this newspaper by Javier Martínez. The three locations belong to the Gavia Group, of which Martínez is a partner. That day, at least two Sporting players were in one of the rooms of the Bellavista restaurant.

Javier Martínez admitted this afternoon in conversation with this newspaper the presence of two Sporting footballers. The manager says that they complied with prevention measures and that "they were in a room in which there are 12 tables with four seats in each one". The footballers, according to Martínez, left the premises around 9:00 p.m.


For its part, the Gavia Group has issued a statement in which it is denied that he had organized "a private party at the Bellavista restaurant. "Next the statement is reproduced in full and verbatim:

"As a result of a news that has spread through social networks with untrue information where it is said that a source of contagion detected in Gijón is due to a private party at the Bellavista restaurant.

We communicate that this news is ROUNDLY FALSE.

No private party has been organized in Bellavista during the entire time that we are suffering from this painful pandemic, nor will it of course be organized.

The Bellavista Restaurant remains open in compliance with all health safety measures and the restaurant staff is free from contagion.

We are saddened that they run hoaxes like this, playing with the work of many families and with the situation that we have been living for nearly a year in our sector.

We cannot, under any circumstances, accept news that generalizes with a sector so economically slaughtered by this pandemic and once again criminalizes it.

It is painful that there are people who take advantage of social networks to spread false news and more on a subject so sensitive that we are so concerned.

Grupo Gavia, like the rest of fellow hoteliers, scrupulously abides by and respects the current health measures set by the Government of the Principality, all of us being very sensitive to this serious pandemic, which we all suffer sadly.

Our group will take appropriate legal action against the defamations that have been published. "


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