The vice president of Ecuador will meet in Washington with US authorities.

Ecuador’s Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner will meet with US government officials in Washington on Tuesday to strengthen bilateral ties, official sources said.

Sonnenholzner meets the agenda today in the US capital to promote Ecuador as an investment destination, said the Vice Presidency in a statement, which states that the visit will be extended until tomorrow.

The senior official will dialogue with Deputy Commerce Secretary Karen Dunn Kelley on Tuesday; the United States commercial representative, Robert Lighthizer and the Deputy Secretary of Political Affairs of the State Department, David Hale.

It will also hold meetings with businessmen and investors of the United States Chamber of Commerce and international organizations.

The vice president will participate in the annual meeting of the American Chambers of Commerce of Latin America and the Caribbean (AACCLA), where he will present the advances of the economic policy promoted by the National Government and the opportunities for joint work between both countries

In addition to strengthening bilateral relations, the trip of the second Ecuadorian president seeks to promote the image of the country.

The international work agenda adds to the actions promoted by the second authority of the Executive to promote, facilitate and realize foreign investment in different sectors of the Andean nation, in accordance with the functions delegated to it in December 2018, in this area .

Otto Sonnenholzner assumed his duties last December 11 as the third vice president of Lenin Moreno in his then 19 months of office, and became the first in that position that was not linked to Rafael Correa, who ruled Ecuador during the last decade.

Moreno, who must govern until May 2021, had presented Sonnenholzner as the first of a technical and apolitical list, unlike his two predecessors, Jorge Glas and María Alejandra Vicuña.

Glas, Tandem of Moreno in the 2017 presidential elections, was removed from the Vice Presidency after being accused and convicted in the first instance for corruption.

In January 2018, Vicuña replaced him, but resigned months later splashed by a scandal in the financing of his political group Alianza Bolivariana Alfarista (ABA), which is not included in the electoral register.

Moreno came to power in May 2017 at the hands of Correa, who was his vice president in the first years of the decade he ruled Ecuador (2007-2017), but shortly after swearing in office they distanced themselves from political differences and claims about the critical economy that had left him in inheritance.

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