August 3, 2020

The vice president of Brazil leaves military action in the hands of Venezuelans

The vice president of Brazil, Hamilton Mourão, insisted on Monday in Washington to rule out the possibility of a military intervention in Venezuela and stressed that this option corresponds to Venezuelans.

"None of our countries will intervene in Venezuela in a military way, the intervention that is being carried out is political and economic, the military issue is of the Venezuelans," the official said, visiting the US capital.

Mourão, who previously visited the city of Boston, considered that the situation in Venezuela "can not be thought that it will be solved at night for the day", and considered that "the problems are complex".

In addition, he warned that in Venezuela there is "a large number of Cubans who handle intelligence", which, in addition, he pointed out as "responsible" for the control of groups affected by the Government of Nicolás Maduro, known as "colectivos" or "milicias "

"I think it is a task of the Armed Forces of Venezuela to do a job of neutralizing these militias, of these collectives, so that then a concerted solution can be reached for the departure of Mr. Maduro," he said.

Mourão reiterated that the Venezuelan Armed Forces have the "constitutional mission" of maintaining order in their country.

"Then, if the order is sabotaged in the country, it is their responsibility to control those groups, because we know that many of the components, I believe that most of the components of these groups, are criminals who left the prisons and received weapons, "he added.

Before a hypothetical performance of the military establishment against Maduro, the Brazilian vice president, who was military attaché of his country in Caracas, recalled that the president "by Constitution is the commander" of the Armed Forces.

However, he added that this is his particular opinion, since Maduro "has lost this capacity".

Mourão met Monday in Washington with his US counterpart, Mike Pence, who said he will visit Brazil on a date yet to be determined.

"The vice president expressed an interest in going to Brazil with his wife," he said.

The Brazilian vice president has traveled to Washington after the president of his country, Jair Bolsonaro, met last April 19 at the White House with his US counterpart, Donald Trump, who said at the time that he maintains " all options on the table "regarding Venezuela.

In a press conference after that meeting, Bolsonaro answered ambiguously when a journalist asked if he would allow the Brazilian territory to be used to launch a US military intervention. in Venezuela, or if it would involve Brazilian personnel in that operation:

"There are some issues that, if you talk about them, are no longer strategic (…) It's a question of strategy, everything that we discuss here (in private) we will fulfill, but of some possibilities it is not spoken in public", Bolsonaro indicated.

The Brazilian government has ruled out the military option to face the situation in that country, plunged into an acute political and economic crisis that has forced thousands of Venezuelans to leave their country and keeps the region alert.


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