June 15, 2021

The VET degrees most requested by companies are Administration, Electricity and Mechanical Manufacturing




The Vocational Training (FP) it was the essential requirement in 38.6% of the job offers analyzed in the report prepared by the Adecco Group Institute (Adecco Group) and the Infoempleo portal. The request for a college degree appeared in 38.82% of the offers. Last year was when the tables were turned and more job offers ask for a university degree than a FP, although the difference is small. All this, after increasing the job offer by 10.2% in 2019.

Within the FP, although 41% of the job offers that ask to have this title do not specify the professional family, the remaining 59% do specify the required qualifications: Administration and Management (15.3%), Electricity and Electronics (9.6%), Mechanical Manufacturing (7.4%), Installation and Maintenance (6.8%) and Information Technology and Communications (4.2%). It is followed by other degrees such as Commerce and Marketing (3.4%), Hospitality and Tourism (2.2%), Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance (1.9%) or Health (1.7%).

They hardly add up together 1% of the offers, degrees related to Agriculture, Safety and Environment, Physical and Sports Activities or Wood, Furniture and Cork.

Most demanded: maintenance technicians

The report has also noted the increase in this type of offers aimed at VET graduates to cover employee positions, while the vacancies for management, intermediate and technical positions recede.

The table of jobs that require FP most demanded by the market “Shows a clear diversity in the distribution by professional position”. However, the 15 positions with the highest demand already account for 57% of the offers, much more concentrated than the previous year (38%).

As in 2018, maintenance technicians lead the ranking (4.64%), followed by the administrative (4.45%) that go from fourth to second place. the third and fourth position is occupied by the position of operator, with 4.09%, and that of commercial (3.89%).

The positions of mechanics (3.72%), administrative assistants (3.4%), specialized operators (3.13%) and maintenance officers (3.1%).

Among the top 15 positions are also support technicians (2.39%), electricians (2.37%), receptionists (1.99%), programmers (1.95%), commercial administrators (1.72 %), Accounting technicians (1.72%), assembly officers (1.69%) or warehouse workers (1.6%).

Catalonia, Madrid and the Basque Country

On the other hand, the geographical distribution is reproduced by studying in previous reports: Six out of ten offers that require FP are concentrated in the autonomous communities of Catalonia (22.5%), Madrid (19.8%) and the Basque Country (15.5%).

Far are Andalusia (7.9%), Valencian Community (7.2%) and Castilla y León (6.2%). In the queue, offers that require FP nor reach 1% in Extremadura (0.55%), as well as in the autonomous cities of Melilla (0.08%) and Ceuta (0.07%).

If we talk about sectors, the Building It is the one that most demands VET technicians (6.7% of the offers). It is followed by other sectors such as Industrial (6.3%), which has yielded the first place it has occupied in other years. In addition to Hospitality and Tourism, which stood at 5.9%, falling last year compared to other editions of the report. It is followed by Metallurgy and Mineralurgy (5.8%), Computer Science (5.6%), Services (5.5%), the Commerce sector (retail) (3.94%); that of Machinery and Mechanical Equipment (3.92%), and that of the Automobile (3.91%).

Lastly, activities such as REnergy resources (2.6%), Food, Beverages and Tobacco (2.6%); and General Consulting (2.6%).

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