August 3, 2021

The Venezuelan Prosecutor's Office confirms that the deceased opposition councilor committed suicide

The Venezuelan Prosecutor's Office confirms that the deceased opposition councilor committed suicide

Venezuela's attorney general, Tarek Saab, today confirmed the suicide of opposition councilman Fernando Albán, arrested on Friday for allegedly being involved in the attack against President Nicolás Maduro, after reporting that the preliminary findings of the investigation reveal it.

"All criminalistic evidence collected up to this moment reveals the unfortunate circumstance of the suicide of citizen Albán," he told reporters, while noting that the autopsy showed that "the deceased died as a result of the blow received when falling from a considerable height".

In addition, according to Saab, the autopsy states that "there was no evidence of physical abuse in the body, prior to that fall."

Specifically, the necropsy determined that the deceased "presented as a cause of death: severe craniofacial trauma and secondary hypovolemic shock (it implies a hemorrhagic shock that was finally the cause of his death) and closed pelvic abdominal due to falling height".

The prosecutor rejected the statements of some opponents who had said that the councilor drowned him and asphyxiated him in the headquarters of the Intelligence Service (Sebin) before falling into the void.

"The fact that he fell dead is a rotten lie that should not be repeated and whoever wants to repeat it will not be able to prove it," he said, noting that the autopsy is auditable and that it is backed by the lifting of the corpse as well as by the external and internal photographic fixings of the same.

The autopsy was performed by the pathologist Arnaldo Pérez and supervised by the chief of pathological anatomy of the main institute of legal medicine in Venezuela, Yaunacelis Cruz, Saab said that two prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor's Office (MP) were also present, one with competence in human rights and another of homicides.

On Monday, Saab reported on Albán's "suicide" when he launched from the tenth floor of the Sebin when he was to be transferred to court.

By then, the head of the Prosecutor's Office said that the councilor asked to go to the bathroom "and being there was launched into the void."

However, today, explaining the manner in which the event occurred, he indicated that "it has never been said" that Albán "threw himself from the bathroom".

"At lunch, Albán got up abruptly from the table saying he wanted to go to the bathroom, he takes advantage of that circumstance, saying he wanted to go to the bathroom and run to a panoramic window that was in the corridor of the 10th floor at the headquarters of the Sebin (…) and launched into the void, "he said.

The Office of the Prosecutor, who has conducted seven interviews with eyewitnesses, is collecting Sebin videos to verify the accuracy of the testimonies and is awaiting the results of the "toxicological examination, blood samples taken from the body, special activations, necrodactyly "

He also hopes for the "biological expertise and chemical expertise of food and beverages".

As part of the investigations, the Public Ministry has also collected "1,272 voice notes" from his cell phone, 2,400 documents in emails and 2,084 videos.

"Of these videos, without advancing criminalistic elements that violate the legal reserve, I could say that many could explain the unfortunate behavior of citizen Albán at the time of attempting against his own life," he added.

The death of the Venezuelan councilman has unleashed a wave of accusations against the Venezuelan government because he is considered a "political prisoner."


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