The Venezuelan prosecutor says that the opposition uses Albán's death to do politics

The Venezuelan prosecutor says that the opposition uses Albán's death to do politics

Venezuela's attorney general, Tarek Saab, accused the opposition of using the death of councilman Fernando Albán to make politics, since anti-Chavez rejects the municipal leader's suicide, as the Public Ministry has indicated.

"On this fact we have shown results, those who have gone against this thesis show nothing (…) taking advantage of an unfortunate event like this to do politics," he said in a recorded interview with private channel Televen and aired today.

Saab again criticized the statements of some opponents who say that the councilman, who was arrested on Friday, October 5 for allegedly being involved in the attack against President Nicolás Maduro, drowned him and asphyxiated him at the headquarters of the Intelligence Service ( Sebin) before falling into space.

"Where are the evidence? If you say that there was previously torture, mistreatment or that you were thrown, if you say that, be serious and show the evidence if you are a coward (…) you are a murderer, because you are even (…) defacing the truth itself, "he said at the time that said, on the contrary, the Prosecutor's Office has shown evidence.

He reiterated that everything that the Prosecutor's Office has gathered "coincides with the suicide thesis".

According to the interview, before the event occurred, Albán was in an office in the police building where he was being detained and "asked to go to the bathroom."

"At the moment he asked to go to the bathroom, he did not go to the bathroom but decided to throw himself into the void and (…) there the autopsy is key, I have said it, audited for whoever and for whom, he falls even with vital signs, he dies from a hypovulémic shock, which means a hemorrhagic shock, "he explained.

He also reiterated that the Prosecutor's Office guarantees the investigations of this case and that they will reach the merits of the case.

In his last statements, on Wednesday, Saab said that as part of the investigations, the Public Ministry had collected "1,272 voice notes" from his cell phone, 2,400 documents in emails and 2,084 videos and that such files could explain Albán's behavior .

In today's interview he noted that the councilman "has been found more than 2,000 chats in Telegram, WhatsApp, etc., which have to do with many attitudes of a conspiratorial nature, destabilizing."

Albán was buried last Wednesday in the Eastern Cemetery of Caracas.

The Organization of the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the Catholic Church, political parties, human rights organizations and several governments have asked the Executive of Nicolás Maduro for an independent investigation that determines responsibilities in this case.


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